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Thousands of "IH" Temp Files

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Running Windows XP Pro and IE7.


I have IE7 set to delete temp files at exit.


After running CC v1.40.520, I found almost 15,000 .tmp files in my Windows\Temp folder, all 111 bytes long, many different dates going back months, not sure what they are....


All of them are named in the following way:

IH10.tmp --> IHFFE4.tmp


They appear to be consecutively numbered, and have many different file dates, but all in the range of 10 March through today.

Looking inside each file shows nothing but strange symbols, nothing I can figure out as to who created these things.


Shouldn't CCleaner delete these as part of its run?


If not, would the Custom folders option take care of them?


If anyone has a clue as to what these files are and who is producing them, please let me know.




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I don't know if these files are from Firefox or NOD32, but I suspect NOD32 because wouldn't a file from Firefox downloading something be in the cache folder?


Anyway, the reason I say this is because I just downloaded a big file and looked in that temp folder and I had an IH####.tmp file that grew as the file was downloaded, and was deleted when the download was finished. I don't know why, but sometimes these files don't get deleted automatically.


A while back, some version of CC wasn't deleting files from my Temp folder so I added the two Temp folders to the custom folders. Also, you have to wait a while after you close FF before using CC otherwise it either gives an error or doesn't clean everything. And you need to be sure that the Only delete temp files older than 48 hours option, in Advanced isn't checked.

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