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Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band


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Going back to a recent topic, Bob Segers "Against the Wind" was one of the albums I raked out, dusted off and started spinning again.


Great album, great performer. Another one of my favourites.


However, the point of the topic is an artist I came across recently, who paints some pretty good morphing horsey pics. And what should be sitting on the page?




This is yet another gem of useless information I've found for you guys that one day you can slip casually into a conversation.


"Mmmm yes, "Against The Wind". Jim Warren painted that. :rolleyes:


Jim Warren:

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Not really my cup of tea either, but I love these useless bits of information that sit there in the dark recesses of your mind just waiting for someone to press the trigger.


Or, as rridgely would say. Maybe that's just me. :D


I'm really a fan of Giger type art, and I've found some really "imaginative" stuff over the last few months, although nothing distasteful I hasten to add.


Edit: Yep, cool pic.


Edit 2: Hope you didn't mind me paraphrasing you rr. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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I've never really listened to much of his music.. I don't know why because I would probably like it..


My musical tastes are changing all the time. There was a time when I would only listen to heavy metal and now I find my self listening to the most mellow thoughtful music ever. I've always hated country music(but I don't mind folk stuff like dylan) but I've been listening to The Band a lot recently. They aren't like county contry (deffinitely a little Rock N Roll in there) but they are deffinitely more country then I usually like.


The albums "Music from Big Pink" and "The Band" have been on constant rotation the past few days.(along with McCartney's new one which is fantastic)


I'll have to take a listen to some of the bob seger stuff. :D

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