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:unsure: [/font] Hi for all!


Please, what does it mean each of the 3 ways

for a secure, safe and slow mode exclusion, cleaning ?


They are:

Simple mode = in 1 Step;

"DOD 5220.22-M" in 3 Steps ;

and the third option, also for a safe cleaning is named

"NSA" in 7 Steps.


--Which of them is safer ????? Whis are the difference among these options ?



--How about to translate these abrev. by some much more understanding and familiar words to not-advanced vocabulary?


Sorry for my english.





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From beginners Guide

Normal file deletion (Faster) - Default


Simple Overwrite (1 pass)


DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes)


NSA (7 passes)


Here is a simple explanation:

When set to Default CCleaner will just delete the junk (same as recycle bin) | can be easily recovered |

When set to Simple Overwrite CCleaner will overwrite the files 1 time as part of deletion

When set to DOD CCleaner will overwrite the files 3 times as part of deletion

When set to NSA CCleaner will overwrite the files 7 times as part of deletion | much harder/near impossible to recover |


So the most secure would be NSA, please note that doing so will seriously increase the time it takes CCleaner to run!

Decide if the sites and programs you use are that important to need to use a secure deletion.

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