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I counted 6 clicks from scanning to removing reg entries with CCleaner. I was wondering why this is, because as the attached screenshot shows, Reg Seeker, just has a checkmark box for backing up, and it is only a 2 step (scan, then shows backup as box, your done).


This option could be checked by default perhaps, with option to uncheck.


Was wondering if this can be made easier, because other than that, CCleaner is wonderful.


2 other small quibbles are, the startup list is really handy to remove entries, but really wish there is a keyboard shortcut (like delete key on keyboard) to delete entries, and the ability to highlight multiple startup entries instead of doing them all 1 by 1.


It takes a lot of time if you are on a system with lots of unnecessary startup programs.


The second one is, CCleaner works great for removing dead uninstaller entries, but is there a way to remove the MSI type installers? CCleaner doesn't seem to remove these too well, gives an error about deleting an MSI file.


Really wish there is a way to auto clean dead uninstallers that don't work or point to programs that no longer exist.

Sometimes it also happens that MSI files try to "run" a setup when you launch a totally different program. IE, your installation of an MSI based program such as Easy CD & DVD for example, gets corrupted somehow where it won't remove it from the system with the MSI uninstaller, but it brings up the installing Easy CD whenever you launch other programs. This is so annoying and wish there is a way to remove these entries somehow so they won't do this all the time.


Lastly, have seen a computer recently with a hijacked windows hosts file. Couldn't get on the web at all till the hosts file was cleaned because of a redirect to a swedish site. Google, msn, yahoo, all were blocked by this hijack.


Is there a possibility of adding a host file cleaner to CCleaner?

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Get Microsoft's free Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

Just exellent. Thanks for the free link on MS Installer cleanup.


I am aware that avg, adaware, spybot etc, clean malwares, but was wondering about adding a bho & hosts file cleaner to CCleaner only because these 2 key areas are really common among computers I work with, where scumware attempt to try to block computers from using the web.


Yet, the hosts file only needs the 127.1.1. etc it only needs that 1 loopback address, but spywares add other links which totally hose people's internet connection.


And BHO (browser helper objects) also hijack those who still insist on using IE instead of Firefox, which I like to use IE tabs plugin any time I am requested to use IE so that I have the stability of Firefox to run it through, along with popup blocking.


Those 2 alone are the 2 worst annoyances, yet are so easy to fix, well, in the sense that if the host file is only allowed to have the loopback, and the BHO entries in the reg are cleaned, these 2 are different in that the malware is ONLY found in a those 2 places, not all over the drive like other malware, so you know exactly where to find this.


But would be so much easier to be automated, if there is a way.


I never saw the ability to repair these 2 scums in some of the anti malware solutions, and it is annoying to have to manually edit a host file to reset it, or to manually remove bho.


That is the only reason i had asked about inclusion in the list is because they never need updated definitions to remove, for they are always found in the same place on the pc. Always. So a fix now, would fix it in the future as long as pc's exist, I guess.


Thanks for the link to the MS Cleanup tool, it works great.


Appreciate all the help.


One last thing, sometimes on a pc, there are lots of startup entries, but hard to remove so many 1 by 1 & I hate using MSCONFIG because the interface sucks, plus some pc's get so corrupted, they are missing their msconfig file.


I love CCleaners layout, and wish I can select multiple entries at one time instead of deleting one by one.

It seems you can clean the rest of things all at once, so was wondering if I am doing something wrong.


Also, lastly, I have to click 6 times just to clean the registry, when the attached reg seeker shot, if you download that from hover software, you will see they got only 2 clicks to scan, clean, and backup the registry.


If I could have an easier reg backup in CCleaner without so many clicks, CCleaner would be my most perfect cleaner. I hate to use reg seeker.


CCleaner is so much better.



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