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Analyzing Windows Resource Usage


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Can anyone recommend a good tool or how-to for researching process/services in use on XP? My computer is much slower than it used to be for some reason. This is even after a recent reformat, multiple defrags, and system spyware scans....as well as moving all of my files to a 2nd HD to free up space on the OS HD (which is now 80% free).


Help! Thanks!

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I wouldn't fool with services and junk. I haven't ever seen a huge difference in speed from following that guide and there are other things that impact your speed much more then windows services. Plus unless you closely monitor what you disable there is a good chance that you may disable something you will need later.


First off you need to make sure you have enough ram. 512mb on windows xp seems to be an ok amount for most people but anything less then that your going to see some slow speeds.


The other thing you need to look at is what do you have running at start up. If you want you can post a hijackthis log and I will give you some suggestions on what you have running.

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