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Getting rid of Linux


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here's the story. I have 2 hard drives. I have a 120GB Hard Drive with Windows installed on it and a 7GB Hard drive with Ubuntu Linux installed on it.


the thing is, I want to get rid of the 7GB hard drive, but I've heard that i can't since Ubuntu installed GRUB and if i get rid of the 7GB Hard drive, then i won't be able to start up my computer.


I really don't want to resort to reinstalling Windows because i don't have an installation CD and because i have some pretty important files installed.


So, any ways to make the Windows Boot Manager work again?

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You want to get rid of grub and have the computer boot straight into windows? Correct?

I've never had to do this(I never dual booted when I tried linux so I just formatted) but I know that GRUB is installed to the MBR of the disc. So there has to be a way to have windows rewrite the MBR.




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