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CCleaner repeatedly gives message Not responding


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I have installed CCleaner but it starts then give me a not responding message.  any ideas?




Hi Tarun,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Well, I just installed the CCleaner software and ran it the first time. I asked it to run the cleaner and it starts; only about 10% I would say and then it freezes. I get the error message "This Program not responding". So I reinstalled the program and it just happens again.

Any thoughts?



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Did you wait long enough?


Windows thinks a program is "not responding" when it doesn't acknowledge input (i.e., it's working so hard that it doesn't have time to respond to your mouse click, keypress, etc -- the instant you click/type, the instant it says it's not responding -- this is a "feature" of Windows XP (previous versions of Windows weren't that sensitive))


Sometimes on slower computers, slower hard drives, hard drives not running in DMA mode, systems with low RAM, systems with a hefty amount of background processes, or systems with a gigantic IE cache that's never been cleaned, CCleaner will appear to hang while it is working as hard as it can to get the result. Look at your hard drive light on your tower to see if it is blinking rapidly, or if you can hear the sound of your hard drive cranking away... if so, just let it sit and clean your system. The golden rule of computing: wait as long as you can possibly wait, and then wait a little bit more.


If you still have issues, try lowering the size of your browser's cache. Some systems have it set to an insane value, such as 4 GB, by default. By this time, your cache will have all 4 GB used, and CCleaner is obviously going to take a while to analyze/clean 4 GB worth of files. You can also try cleaning IE's cache using IE itself. Perhaps you will notice that it takes quite a while to clean it. Once it's clean, see if CCleaner is still taking as long as it does.



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