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This is the best software ever


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I was searching around the net to find a way to remove my friends Trojan he has on his HDD that won't delete when I ran across a very interesting piece of software. At first I was like "Oh this is kind of cool, it cleans up some files on your Hard Drive.", but after I actually downloaded and installed this software and I ran it.. it turned out that the most exciting thing to happen to my PC in years had happened. More than 13 GB's of my HardDrive was free! I went from having 13 GB's of free HD space to having 25.7 GB's of free space! I want to kiss the person responsible for creating this software! : D

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I know how you feel, the first time I ran this program, it cleaned up more than 230mb of crap. May not seem much standing next to 3gb, but it was alot for this little 40gb hdd...It beats the heck outta the windows cleanup...Thats for sure.

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I would also like to add my "2 Cents" in if you don't mind. I found CCleaner on a website that I look up new beta programs on called Beta News. I read about it, saw it was free and did everything automaticly. So, I downloaded it, scaned my laptop, and MAN! I deleted like a GB or 2 worh of crap! I thought defraging did most of that stuff, but boy, I was wrong! So, I put CCleaner on both of my parernts computer's, some of my friend's computer's and my neighbor's as well. I am promoting CCleaner as much as I can. I think every one should have it!






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