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USB 2 or eithernet internet connection?


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Yep, Ethernet was faster. When downloading I got about 200kbps with usb 2 and I get about 700-800 kbps with ethernet (my pc has a 10/100 fast ethernet adapter). Plus with the USB it seemed to lag during Unreal Tournament 2004.

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Also USB cable modems can cause sick problems. At least two of my customers in the past year have had cable modems that actually shut off their computer the instant the USB cable made contact with the port... can you say... defective? Oh, but when connected with ethernet, there was no problem.

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USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed USB) is better than USB 1.0


But Ethernet is way faster than both.

Firewire is pretty fast too.


The best Ethernet is the Gigabit Ethernet at 1000 mbit/s (1 gigabit/s).


Next time you buy a NIC (Network Interface Card) besure that it is a gigabit ethernet card.


Also if you buy a router/switch then it is best if its a gigabit speed.


Ethernet = 10 mbit/s

Fast Ethernet = 100 mbit/s

Gigabit Ethernet = 1000 mbit/s (1 gbit/s)


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