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User Tweaks for Firefox


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I thought this might be a useful addition to the Firefox extension post. The web is full of these, but I think it is only fair to post the ones I use and know that they work.


userchrome.css and user.js - These files can be created by the Firefox user which are used to customise the browser settings. Some are the basis of extensions which accomplish the same task in a more userfriendly way. As far as I know, no extensions will accomplish what can be achieved with the tweaks below.



I would recommend folk to use the "open profile folder" extension I posted a link to - it makes life very easy, and eliminates simple errors.





What this does:



There is (imo) an annoying link at the end of every bookmark list saying "open in tabs". Thats fine if you only have two bookmarks, but press it by mistake on a menu that has 50+ bookmarks and your going to waste a lot of time trying to close tabs! This removes the "open in tabs" option



Ever wondered why you have a bookmarks toolbar folder with links on it and the same links duplicated in a folder on the bookmarks menu? This gets rid of folder in the bookmarks - not the toolbar itself!


Copy the text below into notepad and Save as userchrome.css in the chrome directory of your profile folder. Make sure you save as "all files" not .txt. It won't work otherwise.





/* Hide last item "Open in Tabs" in bookmarks menu */.openintabs-menuseparator,.openintabs-menuitem { display: none !important;}/* Remove Bookmark Toolbar folder from the bookmarks menu */ menu[label=Bookmarks Toolbar Folder] { display: none !important; }






Only one in this catagory.


Are you sick and tired of firefox asking you if you want to download additional plugins to view a webpage? I was, considering I didn't think most plugins are either safe or worth the effort...rant, rant, rant :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Create a user.js file (the same way you created a userchrome file) in the profile folder and save the following in the file



user_pref("plugin.default_plugin_disabled", false);



Lastly if you don't like the changes - delete the file you created - simple, you are back to where you started.


I would be interested in other peoples tweaks.

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