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Frustrating problem!


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Using WinRAR - i cannot seem to unpack or extract .rar achieves with volumes. they extract to certain point then stop with this -


but no matter how many times i select a different drive on my HD and click OK,, nothing happens...and end up having to cancel the process.


Playing around with it and reading the Help articles..i tried finding others ways,,, but to no avail. :(


What do i do?? plz help!

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There is an error message like yours near the bottom of this page




Perhaps a read of this article may help you.


Also Andavari may be able to help with this perhaps if he sees it.

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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If a film is split into a number of parts by winrar, you need all the parts to recombine the film. It is called a split volume. Each part is not playable or extractable in itself.


The error message your seeing is because you do not have all the parts necessary. So if you have only parts 1 to 9 of a film that was split into 10 parts, there is no way you will be able to view the film - a large chunk of the film is missing.


If you have "part 7" on your hard drive, click browse and locate it manually - the software does occasionally get confused. If you don't have "part 7" you will need to go back to the source of the files and find it.


Bear in mind you can split a file in to any number of different parts of all sizes. It is likely that you will need part 8 or maybe even upto part 50 and beyond- either way you need ALL the parts.


Also make sure all the parts are in the same folder.


Hope this helps

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It is called a split volume. Each part is not playable or extractable in itself.

Exactly! That's why the error is popping up because it expects that part to be available and it isn't.


It's really not that much different than for instance creating a WinZip Self-Extractor installation that spans onto two floppy disks, of course without floppy disk #2 extraction would fail.

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