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Clean custom registry locations

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Let me first say that CCleaner has probably been the most consistently reliable and useful program on my computer ever since I first installed it, which was a very long time ago. I'm a go-to computer guy in my family/area, and whenever someone new asks me the standard "Why does my computer run so slow?" I give the standard answer: "Because you didn't download CCleaner yet."


I have a suggestion for a feature that I'd find very useful. I know I can already use the registry section of CCleaner to clean up the remnants of uninstalled programs etc. However, it would also be nice if the main cleaner section could have an option to do some cleaning of certain programs' registry keys, instead of focusing only on the temp files those programs generate. Such as keys associated with things like program histories etc.


I mean, the secure deletion feature is great, but if security is meant to be a possible use of CCleaner, then what good is overwriting files when similar information is still stored in the registry? There are feasibility issues there, I know that. There are certain registry entries that do get cleaned (I think), since I think that would be the only way CCleaner could clean things like Windows recent documents and run history. But it would be difficult to give all those same options for every installed program. So that's just an idea for the future.


However, until something like that is available, how about just letting users enter custom registry locations under Options -> Custom, instead of just files and folders as it is currently? That should be pretty easy to add, while adding a great deal of power to the program.


Keep up the good work, and let me know your thoughts. Thanks :)

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Welcome to the Piriform Forums equazcion! :)


Not to shoot down your suggestion, however in my opinion being able to have user selected registry locations would be a "shoot yourself in both feet option." Of course this is just my opinion. ;)


We must remember that not every CCleaner user is computer savvy, therefore why give them a loaded gun especially when it comes to the Windows registry. Undoing registry damage is going to be far more daunting and involved versus replacing an accidentally deleted file/folder using Custom Files and Folders.


You can however add those registry locations you stated by using winapp2.ini which is an unofficial add-on for end-users to create their very own CCleaner cleaning routines, and to use those cleaning routines made by other CCleaner users.

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I dunno, with the secure deletion option, it seems to me you could do just as much damage with custom files and folders.


Of course, users don't generally end up causing such damage, since I don't think the average user even looks at the custom option. I will look at that add-on you mentioned, but I really think custom registry locations are a good idea and wouldn't cause anyone any damage. Advanced users are the only ones who would even think to use it.

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