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Buying new PSU

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Basically im getting a AGP 256MB nVidia 7600GT and my current PC definately wont handle it, its just the one that came with the computer when i first bought it, being a wimpy 230W, looking to buy a 500W PSU, but im not sure if theres anything i need to think about when buying one, learning about comps as i go along here.


Is there anything in particular which i need to look out for when buying a PSU, i heard about the possibility some might not be compliant with certain motherboards, my motherboard is HP - Compaq MS-6577 Motherboard. Also browsing around some sites i noticed SATA and PCI-E connectors, where as i only have sockets for PCI, AGP and ATA harddrive i guess i need to look for Power supply with connectors for those.


Any advice given will be much appreciated.

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Feel the weight of a PSU before purchasing.

If it is reasonably weighty/heavy it should be good quality, otherwise if "light as a feather" comes to mind when picking it up, put it back on the shelf ;)

We have a 600W Thermaltake Toughpower PSU and it has some weight to it :lol:


http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/generic...ocname=bph07843 this should be a similar picture to your motherboard,

make sure the PSU comes with both the 20pin ATX and the 4pin 12v ATX connections.

Count how many devices that will require a separate connector (Hard Drives, maybe the graphics Card, CD/DVD ddrives, Fans, etc)

and make sure it comes with enough and maybe a few spare connectors incase you want to add any additional drives later.


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Go with Corsair! Seasonic built PSUs are as good as it gets. Antec Earthwatts are also great.




Don't buy generic psu's

Don't buy Antec's CWT models (Truepower, Truepower 2.0, Phantom, Neopower, Smartpower)


Buy Seasonic built psu's (Corsair, Antec NeoHE, Truepower Trio, Earthwatts, Seasonic)


You will be fine with the Seasonic S12 330 or 380

IPB Image
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