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Windows Freezes at Logo!


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Ok, last night I remember clearly what I did. I was playing a game online, and I got off about to go to bed, but I did the same thing that I do every night before I go to bed and thats run CCleaner.


I always run issues last after i run the cleaner itself first. Well I had this same problem 3 months ago, I ran CCleaner and issues and the next day my computer froze at the logo. I did it last night and the exact same thing happened to me. I know it is from running issues because i look over what it brung up on the issues after scanning and i guess it deleted a main registry file. The last time this happened i just told myself windows crapped out on me. But this time I am clearly sure its CCleaner s issues on the fact that i was restarting my computer yesturday a few times for different things and everything ran fine. But after running issues, it did the exact same thing.


I don't know why it has done this, but is there anyways i can retrieve that lost file that is making my computer freeze at the logo? The only way I can get on my computer is going through safe mode with networking and thats what I'm on now.


Please help me out here CCleaner team, because I am sure that CCleaner is the reason. The issues section deleted an important file that I need!! :( I really don't want to reformat because that is what I had to do last time to get my computer to work normally again.




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When you choose to clean "issues", the default is to prompt for a backup. Hopefully you did just that. Find the backup and click (or double click) on it.

I have no experience of editing the registry this way while in safe mode, but hopefully it should work.

Typically the backups are in with the CCleaner program files, unless you've created a different path for them.

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