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  1. I deleted my cookies and browser history using chrome yesterday. Can I restore them using Recuva? If so, how? Thanks
  2. You may (or may not) already be aware that if you use Chrome above version 89 then you may have been recruited without your knowledge in a trial by Google of a replacement for 3rd party cookies. This shouldn't happen if you are in Europe because of GDPR, but who knows with Google, and if you use a VPN that says you are outside Europe then Google may see you as fair game. It's only Google Chrome that's affected for now, but Google's eventual idea is to implement it for all Chromium based browsers. It's called FLoC and is a new way of 'fingerprinting' you and putting you in a grou
  3. Ccleaner v5.79.8704(64bit). Each time I run CC it states 'Chrome needs to close.......etc'. Chrome is already closed.! Any thoughts?
  4. Couldn't find this specific issue in here, thought I'd post it and maybe get an answer. Re-upped my subscription to CCleaner the other day, took advantage of the option to add Speccy / Defraggler / Kamo to test drive them. Since installing all of them, pages in Chrome have been very slow to open. I have Chrome open with a half-dozen tabs... and it takes forever to open them now. Same holds true for new tabs I open with other programs. I've tried whitelisting the main ones in the Kamo Settings menu, no effect. And, for some reason, I cannot get newegg.com to display at all. The
  5. When I go to Custom Clean then users can find a lot of options in each section. How can I enable ALL options of such a section (e.g. Google Chrome) with ONE Click? Do I really have to tick every checkbox manually step by step?
  6. I just updated to version 5.77.8521 now it skips Edge Chrome. All checked boxes of Edge Chrome are reported as skipped.
  7. v5.22.5724 Compact databases selected under Chrome. Cleaner run. Urls relating to activity I deleted n the Chrome history tab still appear in the history file in the User Data\Default folder. Am I doing something wrong/expecting too much
  8. Just updated to version 5.77.8521 It skips Edge Chrome
  9. Visited websites are not being removed in Chrome from the "History" file in the location listed below. %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  10. CCleaner keeps cleaning everything related to Chrome regardless of how many or few checkboxes are checked in the Google Chrome section of Custom Clean. I have now disabled Smart Cleaning for Chrome altogether as it does not appear to be working as intended.
  11. Hello, I just ran Ccleaner (as I have many times before without isse). Today I ran it and it closed chrome twice. Once it closed it and when I opened it I could access all of my Windows and tabs (3 windows and multiple tabs). I also saved my session with the Session Buddy Extension before running the program). After the second closing and reopening of Chrome, all my tab history was gone and all of my previously saves sessionbuddy sessions were gone as well. Does anyone know if I can possible get this stuff back? Thanks for any help
  12. Hi, I recently installed the CCleaner Pro version. My Google Chrome was ok to open web Whatsapp for messaging. However, after I installed CCleaner and clean up my computer, it was not working anymore. Please see the screenshot. My computer Chrome is the latest version. By the way, Edge is ok to open Web Whatsapp. Thanks,
  13. Hi everyone, I'm using the last version of Ccleaner Pro I tried to clean Google Chrome sessions. But when I started Google Chrome again, my tab were still active. So the clean sessions function seem not to be efficient anymore. Is anyone facing the same problem? Have a great day. Best regards
  14. HI there, Till yesterday I had been using CCleaner v. 5.53 or so. Now once I installed the latest version I've noticed new CCleaner does not clean all the session data, so I stay logged into forums even once the cleaning is done. Is there anybody else to confirm this observation? Where do I find the archive of previous versions of CCleaner? System information: Windows 10 Home 1909 64-bit, Chrome 64-bit the latest version Thanks.
  15. Is there a reason why this is no longer working? I've used CCleaner ofr a while now but it's no longer cleaning chrome. It's skips chrome.
  16. For some reason, CCleaner Pro completely "skips" cleaning the Chrome Browser. As a longtime user of CC Pro, I know how to correctly set the CC settings to clean Chrome. Yes, previous CC versions have presented a pop-up box asking to 'force close' Chrome. But totally skipping Chrome is a new & unhappy issue. I ask any Piriform staff members reading this to please refer this matter to your technicians. Thank you for your attention, Preston Mitchell
  17. I am using Windows XP, SP3. I have been using CC Cleaner and Defraggler for years, and so last night, I decided to give Speccy a try. The Speccy installer also installed Chrome, and I did not know it had done this until some time later. Chrome became my default browser. I did not want this as I am an enthusiastic Firefox user and had it set up with lots of bookmarks and menu customization. So I went into my Firefox, clicked on tools/options/advanced/check now in order to reset Firefox as my default. But clicking on a URL link in a Notetab Pro file opened the URL up in Chrome. I re
  18. I ran CCleaner Health Check today for the first time (using the latest version of CCleaner). Under Custom Clean -> Applications, I have all settings for Chrome unchecked, but when the health check ran, it deleted all of my Chrome history, cookies, and open tabs (and possibly more things I didn't notice). I have Chrome sync turned off (for various reasons), and my latest manual backup is old enough to not be relevant any more, so I have to reconstruct my session state manually, which I am not looking forward to. Is there a way to recover Chrome's session state from before the cleaning?
  19. the chrome browser is now being left out of my custom clean, showing chromes history, cache, and cookies have been 'skipped'. normally that means the browser is open, and closing it removed that message. the browser is closed, and this began today, without changing any setting on Ccleanr or Chrome, or win 10. i don't get it. (see screenshot)
  20. Run Chrome Window 10 Log into site with email and password Finish Logout Exit Chrome Start Chrome Goto site Email is shown. Run Chrome and clean in advanced mode Chrome now cleaned.
  21. I've just reinstalled and updated windows 10 (to the latest version) on my PC (I do this on a yearly basis) and for some reason CCleaner insists that Google Chrome is installed on my PC when it's not. Before anyone suggests that I'm installing Chrome by accident - I'm not, I always turn off the install Chrome baggage. I don't know if it's a bug in the installer or the program (CCleaner) itself, but it's rather annoying - especially since I never use Chrome for the plain and simple reason that I don't like it. Can anyone suggest how to remove the Chrome browser entry from CCleaner?
  22. Hi, i want to download the Free 5.70 version from: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/standard Chrome always mention this: What´s going wrong? Thanks. /Tobias
  23. Hi all, I've never liked your software - I've heard how it ruins PC's and screws them all up. Then I heard one of my fellow techs install your software and thought I would give your software another shot. Nope, I remember why I did not like it. You install Google Chrome without a check in the custom software to NOT install SPYWARE Chrome? Thanks. Now I'm stuck with fixing with what Spyware Chrome did. I've uninstalled both packages - still have chrome:// XML errors. I tried to system restore - same issue. XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location: chrome
  24. Hello, as tittle says in my CCleaner is Chrome extensions tab empty. Of course i have some extensions in chrome installed.
  25. If I run Custom Clean a number of times, one after another, the Advanced Report still shows:- Google Chrome - Cookies 0KB 4 files The log shows:- Cleaning Complete - (5.382 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 bytes removed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Advanced Report ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Google Chrome - Cookies 0 KB 4 files ----------------------------
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