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  1. I've had this issue with both Chrome and Edge, I prefer to use Edge, proven to be much better as of late. And Session is not checked. And I'm aware what Saved Passwords are on the browsers. I never had the issue where everything would be wiped when I used CCleaner on Windows 7, but 10 wipes all my saved Passwords.
  2. Try that from Andavari. It could well be those running crash handlers that are causing what you are seeing. They create reports about how Chrome is working and send them back to Google. https://www.file.net/process/googlecrashhandler.exe.html Going back to that link I gave at first (you did read it didn't you?) do you have any 'Live Tiles' on your Start menu?
  3. When I run cleaner the chrome is Not in the advanced report as cleaned
  4. Hello All - this seems to be a much-discussed issue => Chrome is skipped while cleaning. I am running Version 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit) under Win10 Home currently. At one point in time in the past I ran into this and I found someone who had a fix for the problem, but it seems it's back now! I have tried: Unchecking "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed" - still skips all things Chrome-related. Running as incognito as suggested in another post - still skips all things Chrome-related. Don't know how to run as "guest", though, so I
  5. Hi, I run the free version most times I shut down. Every so often (3 times in last 12 months), I lose the google list off accounts I have as my home page in chrome. Lastpass usually gets this back. The last time this occured I also lost the previously retained Master Password (in Lastpass). I was able to work thru this... However in pursuing the reason why the google account (list) disappears every so often (not regularly), I visited the Google forum. They suggested it could indeed be ccleaner removing this, and I could possibly: 1/ add exceptions or sim
  6. You can configure how you would like new sessions to start when you open CCleaner Browser: With regards to your favourite Chrome store extensions, these should generally be loadable into CCleaner Browser in the same way as you would with Chrome (eg: through links such as the one that was provided in the original post).
  7. After 3 years, my Windows 10 has gotten weird. 1) If I try to play an audio file, it takes 3 minutes for Windows Media Player to open. 2) If I open my chess game, it takes 2 minutes to open. 3) If I try to download a photo from the internet or send a photo to an internet site, it takes 2 - 3 minutes for Windows to open the dialogue box of where to save/send the file to/from. I have the latest version of Windows. No viruses or malware. I've cleared the cache on Chrome. I've run CCleaner. I've cleaned the registry. I'm using a Samsung M.2 SSD hard drive and it's only 1/3 fu
  8. Hi I expanded the chrome entries for the Vivaldi and Brave browsers: ; Chrome/Chromium Entries. [ART*] LangSecRef=3029 SpecialDetect=DET_CHROME Default=False FileKey1=%CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft\ART\Backup\Google Chrome\Default|*.tmp|RECURSE FileKey2=%CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft\ART\Backup\Google Chrome\Default\Preferences.bak [Backup*] LangSecRef=3029 SpecialDetect=DET_CHROME Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Amigo\Application|old_amigo.exe FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome*\Application|old_chrome.exe FileKey3=%ProgramFiles%\Google\Chrome*\Application|old_chrome.exe [Boo
  9. Check if you have Chrome synced as Hazelnut says. But most of those you list are advertising/marketing cookies. Like Nergal I suspect that they are being loaded by advertising on the MSN page. You could check that by opening Chrome without the MSN page and seeing if they are still loaded. Amazon.fr and Bing.com are search engines. (so probably loaded by Chrome as default). doubleclick.net is Google marketing. (so probably loaded by Chrome as default). unsplash.com is a Photo library. (expected on a news website like MSN?) Paypal is obvious. The rest are advertising/
  10. All 64 bit, Windows 1903, Google Chrome V77. ccleaner 5.61.7392. All options selected for cleaning in Google Chrome app tab in ccleaner. When I right click google chrome icon in taskbar after cleaning the most visited sites and most recent sites are still listed. Tried this many times. It could be to do with latest Google Chrome V77 as I have noticed that right clicking the taskbar icon doesn't always show collated shortcuts either. Anybody else seen this, any plans to fix it?
  11. I uninstalled CCleaner a while back because of the privacy issues but today I thought I would try with the free version again. I was very careful to check all the installation options and nowhere did it say that it was going to install Chrome, or give me an option to choose not to, I don't use chrome and I don't have it installed, but lo and behold, on installation chrome popped up and said I'd installed CCleaner. This is totally out of order. I don't get the mindset of the people who own CCleaner now, have you all lost your minds?
  12. Well, great design decision, guys! I specifically removed the checkmarks from Chrome, but apparently they only apply to Custom Cleaning, and EasyClean just cleans everything! ... yes, this is an angry rant. I lost my cookies, my login sessions, my history, everything. Because you have this HUGE button that is shown by default, leading some people to assume that it just launches CLEANING with chosen settings. Apparently not. I was planning to purchase CCleaner license but won't do it now, I'm just so angry.
  13. Mozilla have now put a block on this bug so that it can't be triggered from Firefox: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/mozilla-fixes-windows-10-ntfs-corruption-bug-in-firefox/ It can still be triggered from Windows itself, and from Chrome. It's Patch Tuesday later today so MS may fix it as part of that.
  14. When attempting to print an attachment in Gmail the Print feature crashes and closes Chrome. CCleaner v5.62.7538 Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows 10 update 1903
  15. I recently discovered CcleanerBrowser and I think it's the bees knees! It works exactly like Chrome (it automatically imported all bookmarks etc) and - oh heaven ! It does away with the popups and adds. The only setback is: no favicons are displayed... . I am posting this with Chrome and here (in Chrome) I have all favicons and icons ... s In Ccleaner Browser however, all I get are small rectangles... see attachments.. screenshot from Chrome and screenshot from CcleanerBrowser... Any one has an idea how to repair this mishap ? attachment 2 : Ccleaner browser
  16. CC Pro used to clean CHROME. Now it doesn't even though the boxes to do it are checked. I'm not the sharpest tool in the techno shed so help would be appreciated
  17. The only browser I ever use these days is Google Chrome, mainly because I used to use Firefox, and found it cumbersome and filled with ads. It's not perfect, but Chrome just seems smoother. My question is...why, when I'm shutting down at night and want to use CCleaner (free version) before shutdown, does CCleaner ask to close Edge Chromium, and then ask to force close it, when I never use Edge, (though it is installed as an alternative browser)?
  18. I'd say that it is not something for CCleaner to 'sort out. It's just a case of us users getting used to the fact that Firefox is now saving more cookies (or multiple copies of the same cookies for different sites). Firefox has just made the cookies more specific, so that any partitioned cookies/supercookies that you 'keep' will now be kept for that particular site and not for any other site. Which makes sense from a security point of view. As long as you keep the cookie you want for the site you want then there is no real difference to what you have always done in the past.
  19. Thanks for your quick answers! What can I do to make this useful? I find it very odd if Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop, MS Office, Skype, Spotify and so on, not are checked for update. In my PC they are not. Only two programs ...
  20. nukecad, nice stab at trying to determine the source of the problem but it assumes that CCleaner is purging the zoom history (part of Content Data) and that Chrome's sync is putting it back. Nope, not true. Disable Chrome's sync. Visit a number of sites where you change the zoom away from the default, like using Ctrl+mousewheel to zoom in or out. Exit Chrome. Reload Chrome and visit chrome://settings/content/zoomLevels. Yep, those sites where you changed the zoom level are STILL listed in Chrome's zoom history. And that was with Chrome's sync disabled! CCleaner is not deleting the
  21. Because something related to Chrome is still running in the background after you have closed Chrome itself. Background apps such as cloud print or sync, or a badly coded add-on are often causes of this. You need to track down what is still running that is related to Chrome. (Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome fixes whatever is not closing properly). Porque algo relacionado con Chrome todavía se está ejecutando en segundo plano después de haber cerrado Chrome. Las aplicaciones en segundo plano, como la impresión en la nube o la sincronización, o un complemento mal
  22. Thanks for the merging. Your above reply does not help: My Chrome doesn't behave like that, all the changes I make - remain. In CCleaner Browser - they don't.
  23. So, I uninstalled chrome a few hours ago but I forgot to export my bookmarks first, and there were A LOT of them. And the C:\Users\User\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default folder was deleted with the uninstall, so I decided to check if Recuva can do it. Luckily for me, the C:\Users\User\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Bookmarks file which contains chrome's bookmarks, was unscathed, recuva says "Excellent" state and "No overwritten cluster detected." However, when I recover the file to another drive, and open it with notepad++, it's just NULL NULL NULL etc. The file is
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