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  1. Visited websites are not being removed in Chrome from the "History" file in the location listed below. %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  2. It's really in Iolo's hands entirely; it's not feasible for us to run an extension 'store' of our own (plus, Iolo would still need to publish on said store even if we offered it), and it's entirely up to them whether they choose to implement an installation procedure for CCleaner Browser as they have for other browsers like Google Chrome. (For what it's worth, I can say I personally use LastPass and it works quite nicely with CCleaner Browser as well as Firefox. It's also on the Chrome Web Store, which is how I added it to CCleaner Browser. I know changing may not be feasible for you, b
  3. I just ran the 'Add To Chrome' process from: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bitwarden-free-password-m/nngceckbapebfimnlniiiahkandclblb/related?hl=en and it seemed to install and run in CCleaner Browser v89.1.8954.117. As I don't have an account for this extension (and use another password manager myself), I can't test it fully, but it did bring up the BitWarden website, I could click on it and have it ask me to log in, and so on. I did have to click 'Keep' on the download bar at the bottom of the window in order to install the extension, though; perhaps that might have b
  4. [16:36:56::125][INFO ] CCleaner v5.57.7182 (64-bit) [16:36:56::126][INFO ] Windows 10 Pro 64-bit [16:36:56::126][INFO ] Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz [16:36:56::126][INFO ] 16.0GB RAM [16:36:56::126][INFO ] NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 [16:36:56::126][INFO ] Username: Bill Desktop [16:36:56::126][INFO ] Application Started [16:36:56::127][DEBUG] Licence file C:\Program Files\CCleaner\license.ini doesn't exist. [16:36:56::127][DEBUG] Licence file C:\Program Files\CCleaner\license.ini doesn't exist. [16:36:56::153][DEBUG] Analytics::SendEvent - Category: SoftwareUpdater, Action: Activation, Label:
  5. Go to the Chrome Web store and add the extension you want from there.
  6. CCleaner keeps cleaning everything related to Chrome regardless of how many or few checkboxes are checked in the Google Chrome section of Custom Clean. I have now disabled Smart Cleaning for Chrome altogether as it does not appear to be working as intended.
  7. That sounds as if something is opening a new file everytime you launch Chrome but not closing them when you leave Chrome, so something is opening more and more files and leaving them open. (Some browser extensions can do things like that if poorly written). So, time to roll our sleeves up. PS. We seem to be on opposite sides of the Atlantic, it's gone midnight here (and I may fall asleep), so let's do a couple at once. (Don't mind if I give too simple instructions, they are for others who may be reading this in months to come). One problem is that Health Check will not tell us
  8. Yes but you must use custom location https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/ccleaner-ini-files/how-to-clean-user-data-from-non-standard-mozilla-browsers For chrome based browsers replace FIREFOX with CHROME
  9. Whether you use it as a browser or not update Chrome as advised by that article, it's not just the browser that Chrome affects it's threaded throught Android. If you use gmail you are using parts of Chrome. And then turn off/restart your phone to refresh the settings.
  10. Hello, I just ran Ccleaner (as I have many times before without isse). Today I ran it and it closed chrome twice. Once it closed it and when I opened it I could access all of my Windows and tabs (3 windows and multiple tabs). I also saved my session with the Session Buddy Extension before running the program). After the second closing and reopening of Chrome, all my tab history was gone and all of my previously saves sessionbuddy sessions were gone as well. Does anyone know if I can possible get this stuff back? Thanks for any help
  11. I found two reasons it has been skipping both Edge and Chrome. 1. Ccleaner is not forcing them to shut down so they can be cleaned. 2. Edge apparently has an option to allow it to run in the background, even when it's closed and is not in the task bar. Solution - right click on the edge icon that's on the right side of the task bar (sometimes hidden inside an icon that looks like and upside down v (^), after you right click on it, you'll see and option to allow it to run in the background. Uncheck that, and run again. Also, make sure chrome is closed or it will be skipped also. Th
  12. I tried to install the password manager Bitwarden, but it failed. It works in Microsoft Edge and in Chrome but not in CCleaner Browser!
  13. Hi, I recently installed the CCleaner Pro version. My Google Chrome was ok to open web Whatsapp for messaging. However, after I installed CCleaner and clean up my computer, it was not working anymore. Please see the screenshot. My computer Chrome is the latest version. By the way, Edge is ok to open Web Whatsapp. Thanks,
  14. Hi everyone, I'm using the last version of Ccleaner Pro I tried to clean Google Chrome sessions. But when I started Google Chrome again, my tab were still active. So the clean sessions function seem not to be efficient anymore. Is anyone facing the same problem? Have a great day. Best regards
  15. Please check the discussion here: (and the responses after the message I linked to) where this same behavior was being reported. It was in Google Chrome, I believe, but Brave is also a Chromium-based browser and thus would demonstrate the same behavior. In short, it's nothing to worry about, the system is just recreating them after they're cleaned, but if you absolutely must have them removed (at the risk of breaking things), there's a few options in the link for trying to block them permanently.
  16. Looking at the Custom Clean results: Tthose 20+ files at the start are coming from a CashBack extension in Chrome (They are all empty files). You then have some other Chrome files. Then 20 or so Microsoft Office files. Then some more Chrome files. And some more from the CashBack extension. Overall it looks like Custom Clean had found around 80 files to be cleaned. If 20 of those are the Office files that leaves around 60 'trackers' for Health Check to see. (And the fact that the Office files are there is interesting in itself, and helps point to what the problem may be).
  17. not sure if ccleaner is blocked or there's a bug/ you can not see any comment at all using cc browser on youtube. google chrome works. did youtube block CC browser? even logged into google youtube will not show or allow comments with CC. it wasn't just the upgrade [89.1.8899.93] it started with the last version on 040421/
  18. Is your Chrome synced? Is it pre-loading? (With Chrome closed check in Task Manager to see if anything related to Chrome is running in the background). If you go to Custom Clean instead of Health Check and do an Ananlze what does it say it is finding for Chrome? Does it say 'Skipped'?
  19. HI there, Till yesterday I had been using CCleaner v. 5.53 or so. Now once I installed the latest version I've noticed new CCleaner does not clean all the session data, so I stay logged into forums even once the cleaning is done. Is there anybody else to confirm this observation? Where do I find the archive of previous versions of CCleaner? System information: Windows 10 Home 1909 64-bit, Chrome 64-bit the latest version Thanks.
  20. Is there a reason why this is no longer working? I've used CCleaner ofr a while now but it's no longer cleaning chrome. It's skips chrome.
  21. That version of CCleaner is from 2016 and is more than 4 years old (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history). At the time, the latest version of Chrome was 53.0.2785 and the latest versions of Chrome that are in circulation are 88.0.4324 and 89.0.4389. One of the reasons that CCleaner gets updated so often is compatibility with the changes made in new browser versions. If you have updated Chrome at any point in the past 4 years then you probably need to update your CCleaner.
  22. CCleaner is not 'integrated' into Google, neither is any other Piriform product. What you saw is simply an advert/offer for Google Chrome that is included in the Standard installer. At other times the installer will advertise/offer different things, there are 4 or 5 different products advertised/offered on a random basis. If someone downloads/installs one of those offers then Piriform gets paid a little bit. As you see with Adobe it's fairly standard practice and many use such adverts/offers as a way of making a little bit of money, (to help fund free software), although they sho
  23. For some reason, CCleaner Pro completely "skips" cleaning the Chrome Browser. As a longtime user of CC Pro, I know how to correctly set the CC settings to clean Chrome. Yes, previous CC versions have presented a pop-up box asking to 'force close' Chrome. But totally skipping Chrome is a new & unhappy issue. I ask any Piriform staff members reading this to please refer this matter to your technicians. Thank you for your attention, Preston Mitchell
  24. To add an extension to CCleaner Browser: If you can add an extension to Chrome Browser using Windows 10 you should be able to use this method to install the extension to CCleaner Browser. Find a web page that is advertising the extension that you want to add and has a place to click to add the extension to Chrome. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions may work to find the extension you want to use. Then paste the web address of that page into the CCleaner Browser and hit enter. Finally, click on "Add the extension to Chrome" and CCleaner will show a po
  25. Are you saying that when you close Edge Chrome Smart Cleaning runs but then closes itself? Was it working OK until recently? If so then it's possibly/probably because of the new 'Startup Boost' in Edge Chrome, it leaves background processes running so CCleaner can't clean it properly. Try turning 'Startup Boost' off. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-edge-is-now-41-percent-faster-with-new-startup-boost-feature/
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