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  1. Not sure but: Advertisers are always trying new ways to get round adblockers. So using more than one blocker is usually a good idea. (I use 2 good addons in Firefox that between them stop most ads). As you are using CCleaner browser then I'd add Malwarebytes Browser Guard and Adblock or AdblockPlus (different companies despite the similar names). You should find them in the google store and add them as you would for Chrome. It's one of those sitiations where different blockers will block different things at different times as the advertisers try to get round them.
  2. I deleted my cookies and browser history using chrome yesterday. Can I restore them using Recuva? If so, how? Thanks
  3. You may (or may not) already be aware that if you use Chrome above version 89 then you may have been recruited without your knowledge in a trial by Google of a replacement for 3rd party cookies. This shouldn't happen if you are in Europe because of GDPR, but who knows with Google, and if you use a VPN that says you are outside Europe then Google may see you as fair game. It's only Google Chrome that's affected for now, but Google's eventual idea is to implement it for all Chromium based browsers. It's called FLoC and is a new way of 'fingerprinting' you and putting you in a grou
  4. Ccleaner v5.79.8704(64bit). Each time I run CC it states 'Chrome needs to close.......etc'. Chrome is already closed.! Any thoughts?
  5. Hi @Hmm To allow the portable builds of Chrome and Firefox to be cleaned, you'll need to create a "CustomLocation" entry in CCleaner's INI file, as described here: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/ccleaner-ini-files/how-to-clean-user-data-from-non-standard-mozilla-browsers For Chrome, you would use CustomLocation1=CHROME|[profile folder path] and for Firefox, you would use CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|[profile folder path] (e.g. CustomLocation1=CHROME|C:\Users\[USERNAME]\portableapps\GoogleChromePortable64\Data\profile\Default) If wanted, our support team would b
  6. New variables to use with CustomLocation for non-standard web browser paths, i.e.; portable browsers instead of mapping with a specific drive letter. Current: CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile New Variable %LocalDisk% CCleaner automatically finds the path on internally installed disk drives: CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|%LocalDisk%\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile New Variable %ExternalDisk% CCleaner automatically finds the path on externally attached Thunderbolt drives, SD Cards, USB drives, etc: CustomLocation1=FIRE
  7. Couldn't find this specific issue in here, thought I'd post it and maybe get an answer. Re-upped my subscription to CCleaner the other day, took advantage of the option to add Speccy / Defraggler / Kamo to test drive them. Since installing all of them, pages in Chrome have been very slow to open. I have Chrome open with a half-dozen tabs... and it takes forever to open them now. Same holds true for new tabs I open with other programs. I've tried whitelisting the main ones in the Kamo Settings menu, no effect. And, for some reason, I cannot get newegg.com to display at all. The
  8. The VCL is a know issue - The VLC glitch is a know issue. They have released a new version, 3.0.13, but (as yet?) it's only released for Android not for Windows. Regarding 'Trackers' in Health Check, they are just cookies, browser history, etc. - Have a read of the link in my signature below any of my posts. PS. If you are using Chrome or a chrome based browser then you may find this worth a read too, and clear your history regularly: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/60323-is-chrome-flocing-with-you/?tab=comments#comment-328401
  9. I mistakenly added ccleaner as a browser and then realised my mistake and went back to chrome as default. However, some files are still visible as ccleaner files (for example some photos). I don't want any photos to open via ccleaner. How do I rectify this and if I completely uninstall ccleaner as a browser what will those files open in? I don't want to lose them. Thanks for any advice.
  10. There is something Chrome related still running in the background. This link is specific to CCleaner and Chrome running in the background: https://silicophilic.com/ccleaner-not-cleaning-google-chrome/ EDIT- Oops Hazelnut beat me to it.
  11. When I go to Custom Clean then users can find a lot of options in each section. How can I enable ALL options of such a section (e.g. Google Chrome) with ONE Click? Do I really have to tick every checkbox manually step by step?
  12. Hi thanks for that. But I don't know exactly what path the cookies et al are located in so I can select the custom path (eg folder) for Chrome or Firefox to clean. You mentioned above the cookies and other settings are located in the GoogleChromePortable64\Data\profile\Default folder. History et al are also located there too? And with FF? In FF, the folder is D:\Firefox Portable\FirefoxPortable64. But there are other folders to choose from like: D:\Firefox Portable\FirefoxPortable64\Apps D:\Firefox Portable\FirefoxPortable64\Data D:\Firefox Portable\FirefoxPortable64\Other
  13. @nukecad I don't use Chrome because I've read bad things about it. Google has definitively proven themselves to be untrustworthy. Which is highly disappointing. I can remember a time when Google actually worked. A time when some of us saps intentionally used Google to help them rise above their competitors. The VLC bug no longer shows up.
  14. In an installed version of CCleaner you have to do this to enable cleaner.ini: 1. Open CCleaner. 2. Go into Options > Advanced > Enable/tick: Save all settings to INI file 3. Close CCleaner. 4. Open the folder where CCleaner is installed, it's where CCleaner.exe, CCleaner64.exe are located. In that folder you'll find ccleaner.ini which can be manually edited to input a CustomLocation for portable web browser cleaning. A Firefox Portable example is this (has to be mapped to the profile folder): CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|G:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile
  15. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.35.0 github-actions released this Apr 21, 2021 New New filtering ability to remove specific response headers from document resources. Example: example.com##^responseheader(refresh) Only the following response headers are allowed to be removed, anything else will cause the filter to be invalid and discarded: location refresh report-to set-cookie Chromium-based browsers Google's FLoC is defused by default. Websites will be able to use the FLoC API (only if already present), but will be unable to get a result from it -- uBO caus
  16. At this time, the only way for a user to add extensions to CCleaner Browser is via the Chrome Web Store. Unfortunately, I don't see any Iolo extensions on the Chrome Web Store (as shown in this example search: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/iolo ) so, unless Iolo either chooses to support CCleaner Browser to install the extension directly (like they would for Google Chrome), or to add their extension to the Chrome Web Store, their extension(s) cannot be used with CCleaner Browser.
  17. I just updated to version 5.77.8521 now it skips Edge Chrome. All checked boxes of Edge Chrome are reported as skipped.
  18. v5.22.5724 Compact databases selected under Chrome. Cleaner run. Urls relating to activity I deleted n the Chrome history tab still appear in the history file in the User Data\Default folder. Am I doing something wrong/expecting too much
  19. Just updated to version 5.77.8521 It skips Edge Chrome
  20. Example (when using CCleaner Portable, or when CCleaner is installed to save settings to ccleaner.ini instead of using the Registry): CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile CustomLocation2=CHROME|F:\PortableApps\IronPortable\Profile
  21. I had this happen. As already mentioned, the culprit is typically Chrome or another Chromium browser. I had set certain sites to never accept cookies or delete cookies after closing the browser and that remedied Google cookies. However, if I use a portable browser like Firefox or Chrome, CCleaner doesn't clean anything from them. I also experienced something similar with the desktop full version of Firefox, but in the reverse. CCleaner deleted the cookies from FF, but FF would not delete some cookies using the delete option despite no cookies saved in FF's "whitelist".
  22. Have a look here https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/how-to-stop-chrome-running-in-the-background/
  23. Hi, Hi, I have just installed the browser fromCcleaner on my Windows 10 computer. It is based on Chrome, so I thought that I would be able to install the ByePass pasword manager on to it. I cannot find a way of doing that. I have looked in the Chrome extensions page but cannot find ByePass and a search does not find it. I have opened System Mechanic which includes ByePass tells me that I have it installed in Firefox and Chrome but gives me no option to install in Ccleaner. I also have it installed in Microsoft Edge but System Mechanic does not mention th
  24. Maybe the easiest route is by using the Custom Location that Nukecad already linked to here. It's easy to configure, although Waterfox will be listed as Firefox in CCleaner. Example: CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile
  25. I just downloaded Kamo, and after my awesome experiences with recuva and ccleaner I expected a fairly unobtrusive experience. I found that even with adding newegg.com to the whitelist, refreshing, hard refreshing, clearing the cache, and then restarting chrome, newegg would load partially until it tries to validate my login and then crashes completely. That would be fine if I could just add it to the whitelist and remove it when I'm not actively using the site, but that doesn't seem to work. Thanks for all the hard work and the new products!
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