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  1. On 8/7/2019 at 15:57, Ben CCleaner said:

    What's Next: We’re intent on adding more cleaning rules and improvements. Let us know which of the below you would like to see next!

    • Session
    • Compact Databases
    • Saved Passwords
    • Saved Forms
    • Last Download Location
    • Full support in other CC functions (Smart Cleaning, Easy Clean, Cookies to Keep etc)

    Definitely start with Cookies to Keep. ;) 

    I've been using Edge Dev since it became available, it's very stable and I'm using it as main browser. That's the feature I miss most.

  2. I have the same issue. Running the installer shows the extracting part and then nothing, no errors. 

    I turned off Kaspersky Internet Security. Installer runs just fine... I think Kaspersky does not like the new optional bundled software... see capture.

    I tried turning off some individual settings in Kaspersky (Installation Assistant), but no luck so far.


  3. Just for information: Now the Windows Compatibility Assistant blocks also the installation of the latest CC if the filename of the setup file includes the word "CCleaner" (e.g. "ccsetup525.exe" works, but "CCleaner_5.25.exe" doesn't work).


    Yep, that did the trick for me as well. Blocking the installer based on the filename is not very effective on the part of MS. Why it is blocking CCleaner at all, I do not know.



  4. The issue I previously reported with the maximized window not really being maximized depends on the Windows setting Auto-hide the taskbar.


    With the setting enabled, issue. With the setting disabled, no issue.


    The question is now, is this a Windows 10 issue or a CCleaner one?



  5. Just thought I'd revisit this thread. There is a new maximize issue in CCleaner 5.09.5343. See screen shot.




    There is blank space at the left, bottom and right of the "maximized" window. In the background there is a maximized Notepad. If I manually try to resize CCleaner, I cannot make it the entire width of the screen either. This last part happens with some other applications as well, for example Windows Media Player...


    I've also noticed that the smaller icon at the very top left is still somewhat pixelated, the rest looks great with Windows 10's new scaling, set at 125%. Though the installer has the fuzzy text issue, which doesn't really bother me, but is apparently a hot topic for Windows 10.


    Finally, I noticed the title bar now uses native elements for the buttons, this is great! Can't wait for a future Windows 10 update to give me the option to color the title bar...



  6. The maximized window isn't really maximized. I can see my desktop wallpaper at the bottom. Compare to Notepad, where I can not see part of the wallpaper, just part of the auto-hiding taskbar:


    post-9931-0-62725400-1422573780_thumb.jpg vs. post-9931-0-99737900-1422573789_thumb.jpg


    CCleaner should just use native windows elements and not its own custom elements.


    On a side note, certain visual elements are still not DPI aware, like v4. See the pixelated check marks and icons.


    Guess I'll be using v4 for a little while longer.

  7. I think you should stay away from using terms like "the masses." CCleaner 5.0 has not been universally condemned; instead we're seeing a vocal minority dominate a discussion under the assumption that they represent the majority. 


    There have been over one billion downloads of CCleaner since version 1.16.082, which equates roughly to 7.1 million downloads per release for 140-odd releases. A quick tally of the number of people complaining about the UI on this forum and on the release announcement (for the beta and stable versions) on Facebook gives approximately 350 disgruntled users. 


    The number of people in "the masses" who are audibly upset about the redesign: 0.005%


    Hating this redesign is not a majority opinion. The minority just thinks it is. In psychology, that's called a false consensus. In philosophy; an epistemic closure. In reality; a handful of whinging people who believe their opinion is more important than 99.995% of others.


    In logic, that's called a fallacy.

  8. Here's a comparison of the GUI concerning DPI scaling:


    post-9931-0-35428100-1417364687_thumb.jpg post-9931-0-11979900-1417364696_thumb.jpg


    As you can see, there are some minor scaling issues in the old GUI, especially with the smallest icons, like System and at the top left. But the rest and for example the check boxes look perfect. Then take a look at the new GUI and the graphics look awful, it's just the text that looks okay.


    How can anyone call that an improvement?

  9. FYI, I use Windows 8.1 Pro.


    v5.00.5050 (25 Nov 2014)

    - New improved GUI.


    Um, yeah... this is not an improvement.


    I don't like the custom title bar. Why not just use systems colors and system buttons?


    If CCleaner is maximized, you cannot get to the auto-hidden taskbar anymore.


    Overall the graphics quality is poor. I use a higher DPI setting (125% on a 23.7" monitor with full HD resolution) and all the icons and even checkboxes look very poor. Most software developers know how to handle this by now, Piriform does not.


    Please address the above issues, I'll be using version 4 in the mean time.

  10. Good initial question. I'm currently investigating a cookie issue and I'm curious about index.dat in the following folder: "%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies".


    When I right-click the file and choose properties, the Created Date is January 19 (last time I installed Windows anew), now, I use CCleaner all the time and have index.dat checked and usually certain cookies to keep. Not sure how that all works, but if the Index.dat there would really be deleted, I would surely see a more recent Created Date... No?!


    And when I open the index.dat file with Notepad I see stuff I really shouldn't be seeing...



  11. Again we will be forced to wait for Mr T or other developer to answer the question of how to exclude (if possible) certain programs from JumpList Cleaning

    I thought I asked a simple question, but it would seems there is a lot more to it, so I do hope they will drop by give us their insight.



  12. Hello there,


    I recently started using Jumplist-Launcher and I was wondering how I can exclude its jumplist from being cleaned by CCleaner. I have no problem with CCleaner cleaning jump lists, but I would like to keep this specific jump list, for obvious reasons. (I am not talking about pinned items, so let's keep them out of this discussion.)


    Is there a way to do it, if so, how? (Do I add the Jumplist-Launcher exe to the exclude list?!)


    If not, I would like to make a suggestion to that extent.


    Any help is appreciated!



  13. I too have problems with the cookies to keep. The problem is, they are not kept. :lol:


    I've removed them from the to keep list, cleaned them all up, then re-added them to the list, makes no difference. I don't stay logged in anywhere. I don't clean temp int files or cookies with anything other than CC.



  14. Hi Mike,


    You have two options:


    1 - Uncheck current Office XP and create a new entry on your winapp2.ini called, for example, "Office XP 2" and remove the settings you don't want (Option you have already suggested)


    2 - Starting from version 2.06.567 you have the ability to override default embedded INI files with winsys1.ini, winreg1.ini and winapp1.ini. I have attached a copy of the current embedded winapp.ini and remaned it to winapp1.ini; you just have to change the attached file by removing unwanted settings and placed it on the same folder as CCleaner.exe; winapp1.ini will entirely replace the embedded winapp.ini.



    Your response as well as a very helpful PM solved this problem for me. Remains the embedding craze of the developers. And the omission of the version history from the program itself... Oh well.

  15. So, after every update, I go into the CCleaner folder and remove specific lines from the winapp file. (Yes, I know it says, do not edit...) Like for Office XP, the Word > Data > Settings line, which has been well documented on these forums in the past.


    Now with the latest update, the winapp file has been embedded. Why I do not know, but now I can no longer do what I used to do. I want CCleaner to clean up Office XP, but I do not want CCleaner to "clean" Word's settings. So how do I accomplish this? Do I override? And how? Do I disable the Office XP cleaning and add an entirely new Office XP section of my own with a *2.ini file? And what do I add in those files? By embedding everything, you've pretty much removed any trace of what exactly CCleaner cleans...


    It looks like 2.05.555 is the last version of CCleaner I'm ever gonna use. :(

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