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  1. Thx Humpty and everyone who offered help Panic Over !! would you believe a 2nd re-boot of the router and l'm back in business both software updating. don't you just love computers is there a leading av software and adware free or not?
  2. Thx Woody I've read the thread and I also have the corporate edition and update through live update manually, however he was conecting but just not getting the current update, my problem is that i'm not even seeing the norton server. again thx for your effort
  3. Thx for your advice peeps, I've used norton for years and no problems ever - touch wood - same with noadware, I've tried rebooting my computer and router but still won't update Help!
  4. Hi, Just ran ccleaner for the first time - now my Norton anti-virus or No Adware software won't update the error says "Live update could not retrieve the catalog file please check your internet connection" No Adware software displays a similar message. I'm using a laptop with wireless card, I'm browsing OK, so definately on-line, but just can't update my software. My other computer conected to the hub is updating OK. Note:Although i'm on-line the little box that normally flashes up saying "IP address retrieved" when booting up is no longer there. Have I deleted something with ccleaner I shouldn't have? I'm just using windows firewall Any help would be greatly appriciated Cheers, Tosh
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