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  1. Thanks so much! This *does* seem to be basically what I need. That is, I wanted to be able to click something on shutdown that would cause CCleaner to run (as pre-set, but not including the reg cleaning) followed by a shutting down of my PC. After trying this once from a shortcut I created on my desktop, it seems to do exactly that, which is wonderful! Oddly, I can't get my shortcut to use the special shutdown icon, though (it shows as being applied in the shortcut's Properties, but not in actual fact on my desktop).* *I discovered the reason for my problem with the icon. In Windows Vista, a little security shield picture is added to the icon right on top of the little picture of the shutdown button, which makes it look identical to the regular CCleaner shortcut icon. I still think that some visual notice to the effect that CCleaner is running (pending shutdown) would be good, because it lets the user know what's going on if CCleaner should happen to be taking an unusually long time. I also think that it would be particularly nice to have the creation of a CCleaner Auto Shutdown shortcut on one's desktop be made a little less complicated. Perhaps the icon could be made into a pre-supplied shortcut that could just be dragged from CCleaner's program files folder and dropped on one's desktop from where it would be ready-to-go?
  2. Couldn't the option be added (under "Settings") for "Run CCleaner when computer shuts down" so that CCleaner would automatically run immediately after the operator instructs their computer to shut down? And perhaps with a little info/warning message that pops up to say something like "Please wait. CCleaner is running before Windows shuts down"?
  3. Shoot. I got all excited with the new version of CCleaner, fully expecting it to be capable of automatically running during the startup of my Windows Vista (32-bit). But no such luck. Windows Defender still blocks it.
  4. Done. PM sent. Thanks again, hazelnut and spysnake!
  5. I was mainly just expressing my ignorance, Spysnake. I figured that PM referred to something that was commonly known, if not universally, at least here in this forum, but I, myself, was entirely clueless. Thanks for cluing me in. And I think I will, indeed, do as hazelnut suggested. Thanks!
  6. PM=? Prime Minister; Popular Mechanics; Project Management; ping madly . . . ?
  7. ---------------------- Yep, that's it exactly. And I suppose you're right about no responses due to the fact that no one else is using Vista. But it's hitting the stores in 10 days, so it sure would be nice if CCleaner was ready. If it only had the capability of running automatically at shutdown, instead of just startup, there might not be any real problem. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. I was getting really lonely here talking to myself.
  8. Man. Nearly two weeks since I first asked my question and I'm still talking to myself here. This forum is dead.
  9. I see from Windows Help & Support that: -----------QUOTE----------- To run a blocked program Right-click the Blocked startup programs icon in the notification area. Click Run blocked program, and then click the name of the program you want to run. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Note You'll need to repeat these steps each time you want to run the program after starting Windows. ----------UNQUOTE----------- Well, having to give it permission to run every startup isn't very convenient. And I see that the only way to resolve this problem with getting it to run automatically is to do, as follows: --------------QUOTE------------- If a program that you want to run at startup is being blocked, check the publisher's website to see if there is an updated version of the program available that doesn't require permission or an administrator password to run. ------------UNQUOTE----------- So I guess that I can only hope that a new version of Ccleaner will eventually allow it to run automatically in Vista.
  10. I find that I can use Ccleaner in Vista, but cannot get it to automatically run at startup. Vista always blocks it as a startup program. What can I do about this?
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