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    You referring to this cache if you call it that? http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=8463
  2. Any fix for this or crap cleaner is history, dead already? Do you need more money?
  3. Those instructions can't be followed, at least with the latest version of google toolbar in Firefox. There is no arrow to the right. There is an arrow to the lef and it is only to add more search engines. Crap cleaner was deleting Google Toolbar's cache, queries fine I think until this last version of FF, 2.0.01. Now it doesn't clean it anymore. I have a ton of google search words, phrases showing up and I have no idea how to delete them. If wife sees them queries, she'll make me lap water out of the backyard ditch twice a day, for a month. Please CC guys, fix this!
  4. I have Firefox 2.0.01 and CC doesn't clean at all the Google Toolbar cache. It used to up to the last version of Firefox but not this one. I have tried to clean them all ways possible unsuccessfully. I even reinstalled firefox, crap cleaner and still doesn't clean it. I see other users are having the same problem. I have XP.
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