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  1. Please add support for cleaning the recent documents list of LibreOffice (www.libreoffice.org). ...Shouldn't be much different to OpenOffice cleaning (if at all). Thank you and all the best, Spacemarine
  2. Same here, I have to agree with camper, I also found the new behaviour introduced with v3.04 quite annoying (to say the least ). In fact, that's why went straight to the forum looking for a thread like this. Please make the treatment of Firefox and thunderbird separate, they are two different programs after all. --spacemarine
  3. The bug has been fixed in CCleaner 2.22. Now the correct file (Histories.xcu) is deleted.
  4. CCleaner 2.21's new OpenOffice 3.1 Cleaning support deletes the wrong file. It deletes "Common.xcu", but this does not seem to be the right one to delete as it "contains a lot of important user settings", according to a poster in the following thread: http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/for...f=6&t=18588 The right file to delete seems to be "Histories.xcu". EDIT: This qualifies as a major bug, as deleting common.xcu will indeed cause loads of preferences to get lost! Please be more careful when adding new OpenOffice cleaning features in the future - there have been mistakes related to deleting "important" OpenOffice files / settings in the past already --Spacemarine
  5. Confirmed. Same Here. It does not show all the startup items with Vista 64. Yeah, come on guys ... please
  6. Sorry for bumping this old thread, but ... Is Flash Player cleaning gone altogether (i.e. removed from CCleaner) now ? I can't seem to find the option (the checkbox) for it. I'm using CCleaner 2.07 & The Flash Plugin for Firefox. If it was indeed removed, is there any chance to get it back, and implement it properly this time (i.e. don't delete flash's own settings) ? cheers, Spacemarine
  7. I also just noticed this bug. I'm using Firefox + Adobe's Flash 9 Plugin for FF. Right now I'm using CCleaner 2.03 and it still does NOT detect the Flash Player / Plugin. So Flash Cleaning is broken (because the plugin is not detected). Please fix this. And while your' at it, maybe it's also possible to fix the long-standing bug that the Flash Player's settings always get erased as well. Thank You and Best Wishes, Spacemarine
  8. *BUMP* Please reconsider this suggestion, it should be easy to add Just cleaning all files in both subfolders is the way to go.
  9. *BUMP* Please consider adding this feature for Vista Should be easy to do (see above)
  10. Any news on when the Trayicon cache cleaning feature will be available in Vista, too ?
  11. Well... first of all, I'm using CCleaner 1.41. I've recently wondered why Avira AntiVir always downloads all its Antivirus Database over and over again (i.e. all .vdf files). It seem like they are stored in %appdata%\All Users\Application Data\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\Update. And CCleaner always cleans this folder (If Antivir Cleaning is selected). This leads to AntiVir having do download all its Antivirus database again. But this was NOT the case in the past. Has Avira changed something in their update process ? Something that means that CCleaner's winapp.ini has to be updated (skipping the "Update" folder) ? Am I right ???? Anyone can confirm this ? Greetings, Spacemarine
  12. Well, after extensive searching for a solution, I have concluded that there is no easy way to turn off the thumbscache while retaining thumbnail displaying capability. That means that an option to clean the thumbscache (Files in X:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer) would indeed be nice and needed After all, Microsoft's little cleaning app (What's it called again ... Disk Cleanup ? I think so...) includes this capability (But I want CCleaner to do it ).
  13. I tried it, and just deleting all files in the two subfolders is the way to go. The files will be automatically rebuilt, and reliability monitoring will start "fresly" from scratch.
  14. Howdy, as some of you might know, Vista has a new feature called the Reliability Monitor. It collects system stability data and will so so from the beginning of Vista's installation, until basically forever . Therefore it would be nice if CCleaner could clean the history and data files generated by this feature. They seem to be located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC. I don't know whether it is safe do just delete every file in both subfolders, that must be subject of further investigation. later, Spacemarine
  15. I'd rather have a lean, quite bug-free cleaner with less features than a potentially bug-ridden, bloated feature-monster. Nothing against new features, but bugfixes should always have top priority. When there are no bugs left, new features can be added .
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