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  1. In a gadda da vida by Iron Butterfly or Solace by Vanessa Mae
  2. nice move by comodo, heard boclean is pretty good. I wanted to check it out before but it didn't have a trial version as far as i know.
  3. Toss up between "1965" or "Gentleman" by "The Afghan Whigs"
  4. thank you very much for the helpful and fast reply. gonna work on these now
  5. I came across this link from cnnettv.com about speeding up firefox which i found interesting http://www.cnettv.com/9710-1_53-26667.html?tag=bubble of course the last two suggestions are a bit obvious concerning clearing downloads and removing slow extensions, but I liked the one he said about going to "about:config" and changing the caching of previous pages via the back button. I was wondering if anybody knew of any other similar tricks that are worth doing to speed up firefox? I've only got 256mb of ram myself, and firefox is usually taking 40-60k mem usage, so would be interested in ideas to speed it up a bit. Still haven't gotten used to K-Meleon !
  6. gmer seems to be the best rookit scanner program from what I've read. I really doubt he has a rootkit anyway considering all the scans he did
  7. I just have a question, my friend had a problem when firefox tried auto-updating itself. After he installed it, his firefox had the error "This is not a Win32 application". However when he downloaded it from the site it all went smoothly. Any idea why this happened?
  8. haha Mr. Bittorent nice opportunity to get KIS, been using it for years and have never had a complaint. its so good
  9. much appreciated. what are the changes in this version?
  10. lucky americans get all your games early, GOW2 isnt out here for another month i think. definitely getting it even though i really dont play the ps2 that much, was extremely impressed with the first one.
  11. i was watching some documentary about pandas a while back, cant remember exactly but their digestive system is so messed up that they poo out these rather disgusting green bricks.
  12. its lyrics from a Daft Punk song, also think its used in a lucozade/adidas/nike ad or something like that
  13. dont use any myself, a full system scan with AVG anti-spyware + using spywareblaster = no spyware = no need for real time protection
  14. XanaTos112


    should be there. try this, go to Start menu > Run > type msconfig and press ok > click on the Startup tab, and see if its enabled/disabled there.
  15. hey i was hoping if anybody had any suggestions for some newbie friendly C++ program i can use to work on the old C++. i tried getting the c++ plugin for eclipse but couldnt get it to work. same for dev C++ which gave me some temp file error, and microsoft visual c++ also giving a similar error so any program ideas that wont piss me off and is easy to use ?
  16. well thanks for the posts,helped clear up my Qs. just to reply to some of ur points : i dont get that dr.watson error message @ startup, only when i try to uninstall it.no biggy. i didnt use a cd to install MS visual c++, dunno what version, version 2005?downloaded it from the microsoft site but now its stuck on my pc. as for the java, i uninstalled the old versions i didnt need,didnt touch any folders,and just get error messages when i try remove em from add/remove section now.suppose the error msg is cause some traces are left behind and program is already uninstalled. thxs for the help
  17. i just was hoping you guys could answer a few small Qs for me that im really not sure about 1) i have microsoft .NET framework 1.1 and 2.0 on my pc, can i uninstall microsoft .NET framework 1.1?is it safe to do so 2) i installed microsoft visual c++ 2005 express edition - enu a good while ago to do some C++ but now i cant seem to get rid of the thing.it says "the feature you are trying to use is on a cd-rom or other removable disk that is not available, insert the MS Visual C++ disk and click ok",any ideas how to remove it? 3) i have a similar problem for "Dr Watson for MS Windows OneCare Live which i tried unsuccessfully to install ages ago,how to get rid of? 4) when i go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER in regedit, and then to Software, i see loads of registry keys for programs(anti-spyware+virus+registry cleaner programs etc) i stopped using ages ago, i assume its safe to delete them? 5) i uninstalled my old versions of java, but they are still left in the CCleaner uninstall list+add/remove one.when i try uninstall them i get "you already have this version of the JRE installed. Please uninstall the product through your add/remove programs utility before reinstalling".think this may be due to having to restore my registry before.how do i get rid of these old updates fully? these small Qs been plaguing me for a while,hope somebody can help
  18. ah cant be arsed,especially since you dont rate it rridgely.shame.i assume the program is free once they fully release it?any word on the new spybot update?
  19. sounds good to me,checking it out now.always liked ad-aware in the past,just hope this one will be as good as or better than avg AS edit : ugh when i try run it i only get some huge weird looking code in notepad.the thing is called aawbeta.msi,shudnt it be a .exe @ the end of the file?anyway cant get it working which is a shame
  20. http://www.f-secure.com/blacklight/try_blacklight.html seems to be pretty good one.and nope ad-aware doesnt remove rootkits
  21. well ive started using the programs you all recommended foobar is pretty kool,definitely gonna stick with this.also the fact that winamp is using 19k mem usage compared to foobars 2k is pretty nice kmeleon is nice also,will take a little while to get used to a new browser though.it uses 15k mem compared to firefoxs 26k havent really used gaim much yet,but will be soon enough.
  22. i love winter i actually do not like summer time @ all.love the cold and rain and days getting dark early.
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