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  1. if I check move large files will it always do it or must I always go to option and make the choice? It took a very long time the first time I asked to move large files. It was on a laptop / 1.5 gig ram / 60 gig HD (10 gig remaining Should I always choose to move large files to the end or choose which files to move. If I move my Contact Manager database to the end, it will always need to search the end. I use my CM each day and all day. Also when I moved them to the end there was a large hole in the middle of the HD. IS that OK?
  2. urdrwho

    Scares me

    Thanks for the advice. Now if I could only get CC to work correctly on my Win 98 desktop. Apparently there is a known problem with a blank page after analyze. I can confirm the problem.
  3. Works fine on my XPSP2 laptop but on the old 98sp1 ....the blank screen problem.
  4. urdrwho

    Scares me

    Well the Hotfix uninstaller was just one example. Missing shortcuts, obsolete software keys, etc. I like the idea of keeping a clean system but...... Is it worth the risk of breaking the system. I guess I should ask if CCLeaner creates a backup just in case removing items breaks a link?
  5. urdrwho

    Scares me

    I have played with CCLeaner before but never ran the cleaner. After I analyze a lot of files will show up and I think to myself, "is it worth crashing the computer if the wrong thing is erased?" As an example: under Hotfix uninstallers I'll see C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB873339$\eula.txt 4.00KB. Ok it is a text file and I would not see why it couldn't be removed. Then there is this: C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB873339$\update.exe 0.62MB. Now an executible file, hm? That could be present a problem. I just don't know what the best protocol is for using a cleaner. Years ago I used on
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