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  1. @ Dave Ccleaner and nukecad OUPSSS !!!! Oddly enough I received an offer last night that fits your description. I obviously immediately upgraded to the Pro+ version (with Kamo). Everything installed correctly and I updated the license keys. Good! Well, that's the end of the story! You did a great job and that's very nice. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Take care of yourself
  2. Hello Dave ccleaner Thanks for your answer ;-) The problem is that this offer did not reach me by email. This offer was displayed only once by CCleaner. Since then, it has been impossible to subscribe to this offer. Indeed, thanks to the answers of nukecad (whom I salute) and yourself, I would now be able to subscribe to this offer. But of course if it is in the package as you describe it very well in your answer. I will wait patiently for a new offer to subscribe. Best regards
  3. Good evening nukecad Thank you very much for your answer and your help. Finally it seems better for me to buy Kamo. However, a few days ago I got a commercial offer for 30 € to integrate Kamo until the end of my subscription (I bought CCleaner for two or three years) The only problem is that there is no link anywhere to buy Kamo or more exactly to integrate it into my subscription. It is possible to download the free version for 15 days but after 15 days will KAMO be integrated to my license or will I have two separate licenses. Between us (but don't tell anyone) it is not very clear ;-) . Thanks again for your help and the explanatory links. Take care and good beers Sincerely
  4. UP ! ;-) Hello Nobody active on this forum ;-) Nobody from Piriform Software Ltd I can't buy this wonderful product without the information desired in my previous post. Best regards
  5. Hello to everyone small question about KAMO. Before buying the software I would like to know if it is possible to neutralize it for some trusted sites (like Adblock plus or Ghostery) Indeed, some sites prevent you from accessing if you do not accept cookies or worse, do not give you access to certain parts of their site. In my case it is a professional use for industrial suppliers in mechanical engineering. Another question is Ghostery still useful for something with KAMO as well as Adblock. I think Kamo does not block ads Thanks to those who will answer me. Sincerely yours PS: I'm French and I don't speak your language very well, please forgive me
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