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  1. It was definitely the 5.85 update that was causing the problems and crashes. And it was the 5.85 version that I could not reinstall, because I was downloading the latest version from the website. And It WOULD NOT fully install, so I could not run it at all. Never had any problems before with any updates. Once I downloaded the slim installer with the latest version, all my problems went away. I never even knew such an installer existed. Was it a bug in the software?? Hard to say. Like Moderator nukecad said previously, all computers are different.
  2. Wow! Looks like problem fixed with slim installer! And that is the recent version. Question? What is the difference between the slim installer and the regular one?? I can't tell the difference even after entering my license info. Looks like they both have the same features. Can't say whether the recent update on the regular installer caused my problems or not. Important thing is I got back my CCleaner. And like the old saying goes,(If it ain't broke don't fix it!) So the slim installer stays. I wished support had been more helpful. Thanks again mod nukecad!!
  3. Thanks for your very informative replies! I think we might have hit the nail on the head. Yes, I had automatic updates enabled, and yes the problems seemed to have started when the updates happened. Of course since auto updates are enabled, I don't really know when they happen. Since you mentioned a recent update, that might make more sense now. Malwarebytes I have had for years, so I doubt this is blocking anything. If it was, I think it would have started when I first used CCleaner. Windows Defender is disabled, and no other Antivirus is being used. The trial version of McAfee that came installed on the computer is expired and not running. Unfortunately support has been of little help, and are slow to respond in emails. The last email sent by them was over 3 days ago. They mentioned in the last email to run CCleaner in Debug Mode, and to send a log file. Since I can't open CCleaner after installing, that is of no help to me. First I will try the slim installer,(Which I assume includes the recent updates), and then the older version without the updates. Great suggestions! Thanks!
  4. Greetings Everyone! New member here. About 5 days ago I noticed CCleaner stopped appearing on my taskbar. I then discovered it was crashing. Open CCleaner crash. Open CCleaner crash. Contacted support, but problem unsolved. Been getting emails back and forth. Recommended restore default settings,(Didn't Work),Recommended reinstalling,(Didn't Work). CANNOT REINSTALL the download link of CCleaner off the web site. I purchased the Professional Version, with Recuva, Defraggler, and Speccy. Amazingly all three of those work, but CCleaner won't. When I purchased the Bundle Version with CCleaner, the download link for that is good for a year from purchase. THAT ONE I can download and install CCleaner to my computer, but it now won't open at all! Everything else on my computer works great. No other software crashes/Glitches. I have an HP laptop that is barely 7 months old. An operating system check reveals everything normal. 11th Generation I7 Processor with 12 gigs of ram. More than enough to handle most anything. I'am using Windows 10 Home Version 21HI. Firefox Browser with Malwarebytes Antivirus. Doubled checked to see if Antivirus is blocking anything, but it is not. AT this point clueless to the issue causing this!
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