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  1. Thanks for that. You probably meant HKLM\...
  2. With earlier versions of CCleaner, the program reset the number of recent files in Microsoft Office to 25 after every cleaning. For that reason, I got into the habit of un-checking all versions of Microsoft Office that I see in Cleaner > Applications. Each time CCleaner gets updated I make sure that all versions of Office I see are un-checked. At the present time, all versions of Office are un-checked. Despite all that effort, the number of recent documents in Word 2013 is reset to 25 after every application of CCleaner. How can I stop this?
  3. Thanks to you both. Enable system monitoring was unchecked, but Enable Active Monitoring was not unchecked. Ahhh...that's better!
  4. I run CCleaner 4.18.4842 Free on Windows 8.1 x64. I do NOT want system monitoring. See the attachment - system monitoring is NOT selected. But every time I run CCleaner, system monitoring is turned on and I have to manually turn it off. Worse, CCleaner adds a startup item for system monitoring - something else I didn't ask for. How can I stop CCleaner from enabling system monitoring and adding system monitoring to Windows startup every time I run the program?
  5. Users of Microsoft Office 2010 know that you can set the number of documents that appear in Word and Excel's 'Recent Documents' list. The default is 25 recent documents. Has anyone discovered that after using CCleaner, the number of Recent Documents resets itself to 25?
  6. Hi there. I have the most recent version of CCleaner running on Windows XP Home SP 2. I'm very happy with CCleaner, but I do have one little issue: CCleaner does not clean the contents of the Run box in the Start menu. It used to do this, but not any more. After running CCleaner there are still commands listed in the Run box. How can I clear the Run box?
  7. Thank you for the link, which helped to explain things for me. Unticking 'Office XP' (in my case) does the trick. I'll continue to rely on CCleaner as I have for some time now. One last thing, and it's off-topic: Such a fine utility deserves a better name than Crap Cleaner.
  8. Many thanks for your reply. I am sure the CCleaner team will take care of this. And thanks for the tip about not starting CCleaner at startup...I wondered it that, too. Happy holidays.
  9. Greetings. About the time I upgraded to a newer version of CCleaner, a few weeks ago, I noticed that the global template in MS Word 2002 - normal.dot - had reverted to Word's default settings. Whenever I changed the settings back to my own preferences, the changed settings held until I restarted my computer. After restarting, normal.dot was back to its defaults. Clearly, something was happening while my PC was starting that was affecting Word's global template. After an extended process of elimination it turned out that the cause was...CCleaner. I have CCleaner set to run when the computer
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