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  1. Hey, i'm about to build a custom pc, and i just need to know what crossfire motherboard(s) would go (work) with a AMD AM2 Athlon 64 6000+? I've had a few searches few that results are pretty confusing. +I dunno if to go with a Intel or AMD, in a test i saw intels core 2 was faster, but i wanna be on the eco side.
  2. ...or just press WIN+L Much quicker, imo.
  3. Nick Nolan


    It didn't work when i burned to .ISO image.
  4. Nick Nolan


    Full effects? Great.
  5. Nick Nolan


    Ok, will you keep me posted? Does mepis include Beryl?
  6. http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/1803/dtmz9.jpg Here's mine! sorry about it being messed up couldnt really be bothered to fix the over lap, or upload the thumbnail after i closed the window.
  7. Nick Nolan

    Schedule Task

    Hey, goto start>all programs>accessories>systemtools>scheduled tasks>add task>next> and so on you insert what running time(s) suit you.
  8. Nick Nolan


    I've not a clue to be honest about either of them, mind explaining the differences? I heard KDE is like windows.
  9. Nick Nolan


    Hey, which linux desktops include this? Any links to download with it beryl included?
  10. 512 Mb Ram, DDR. I can't really use it i dont wanna dual boot, my vista is 'cracked'. At 512 it runs pretty great with the 512 graphics card too, not tried any games, i need another 512 i wreckon for games to run smooth, aero is smooth. That readyboost is alright not great performance thought, superfetch i've not a clue of, will look into that. I wreckon a gig for it to run fine.
  11. I love vista, yet i dont... after some articles and knowning alot of apps dont work for it i dunno what to do.
  12. Yeah, i had a few problems, issue were showing after i removed etc.. would be fixed soon i believe.
  13. Dont you just import your backed up registry?
  14. whats the font used for 'download CCleaner'?
  15. Nick Nolan


    http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo...roductID=293067 this would work with an ATi x1650 pro? it mentions nvidia, i need a similar one but with ATi crossfire as you said..
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