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  1. (Ignore my second comment, the normal recycle.bin show the file normally too...) I found out what the problem was. The option 'Wipe Cluster Tips' was activated and for some reason, it made CCleaner skip files with at least 2.5gb above (I kept copying and deleting files to test). (To be more specific, I deleted 4 files. The 895mb and the 2.0gb were successfully deleted, but the 2.5gb and 3.5gb files were not deleted at all) Anyway, I solved the problem, even without knowing why it happened. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future as I would like to be able to use the Wipe Cluster Tips option...
  2. I forgot to mention that the reason I used TreeSize/WinRAR is because the typical Recycle.bin we access on the desktop doesn't show anything. The file is hidden even though it is there. So I accessed $Recycle.bin which is in C:
  3. I've tried all modes, 1, 3, 7 , 35. Secure Deletion is working with every type of file and naturally it takes a while to overwrite the file, but I noticed that video files weighing e.g 3gb were deleted instantly, which doesn't make sense. I used WinRAR and TreeSize to go to the recycle.bin and saw that the file was there and it wasn't deleted at all. I've reinstalled it and I have the newest version (free). If I disable Secure Deletion and clean the trash with 'Normal file deletion' the files are indeed deleted, which confirms to me that there is something buggy in Secure Deletion. Again, all other files even larger than 3gb are normally deleted, minus video files. I used 3gb as example because that's what I have, I don't know from how big it stops working. It's also good to mention that if I use TreeSize I can go into the recycle.bin and get the file back and it's not modified at all, which shows that CCleaner didn't even overwrite the data.
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