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  1. Hello nukecad, thank you for taking so much trouble to answer me, your answer is very complete and documented ! I started the pc in safe mode, to prevent a game or an application from launching, the result is the same ... I think I'll give up, these cookies are ultimately harmless! Thank you very much for answering me and explaining the origin of the problem. You can close this thread. I'll drink a beer to your health :-) Best regards. Eric, from Brittany, France.
  2. Hello nukecad, thank you for your answer ! Unfortunately, it did not help me. Here below the concerned cookies. does that say anything to you? Thanks again. Eric
  3. Hello, I have noticed the following issue : when I do "options/cookies/cookies on computer", I see all the cookies in the list, I select all and delete all. That words fine. But if do it again immediately, I see that 6 cookies are back. They seem unerasable !! I all searched anywhere a solution, did not find anything. Can someone help to kill them ? Thanks ! Eric
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