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  1. Hi. This makes no sense whatsoever. My phone clearly shows this is an internal storage problem, not a RAM problem. Please see my next screenshots in the links below, as there seems to be a limit of the size of attachments that I can add on here. Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
  2. Ok, thank you. The explanation helps me understand why this happens, however it still doesn't solve my problem. What is the purpose of the phone's storage space being 'full' of empty containers? My phone shows me the 'storage full' warning all the time now and no I don't know how to clear it up anymore. I don't have many files - (less than 2 GB in total), as I've moved them all to my SD card. I've moved as many apps as possible to the SD card as well, but they make less and less of them possible to be moved anymore. Most of my storage is used up by system files and apps. I've been deleting apps, but I've reached the most necessary ones that I actually use and need. And yes, they are quite large - Facebook, Firefox, OneNote, etc. But I mean what's the point of having a smart phone if I can't use the apps I need, because 'they take up too much storage'?? I've had this phone for 4 years and I'm pretty sure in the past I've had even more apps on it and the storage was not a problem. Now, I've been narrowing down the amount of apps because I keep getting the 'storage full' warning every day, yet I can never seem to resolve the issue. What are the system files anyway? Why do they take up so much storage? You can tell I'm obviously very frustrated, as doing a CCleaner clean up has become part of my daily routine now - even doing it numerous times a day sometimes and it's still not enough. Manually clearing up cache and deleting the thumbnails file also doesn't help because the storage is still the same. It feels as though something is constantly filling up my storage even when I hardly use the phone! I'm getting so fed up with this. You shouldn't have to deal with such stuff when simply having a smart phone!
  3. Can somebody please explain this? It tells me I've cleaned 3GB+ of space, yet after the clean I still have less than 1 GB space on my phone..???!!
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