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  1. and made sure the file was ccsetup528exe
  2. I went to the web page for CCleaner installation problems and it took me to main Piriform page. Then no problem...
  3. Stop the music!! Yes, downloaded and installed with absolutely no problem. Thank you so much!!!
  4. Uninstalled. Shut down computer Started up again. Went to the Piriform site to download CCleaner. Go ahead and I did, but the download never finishes. Tried again, same thing. So, instead of an outdated CCleaner now I have none..... Oh, boy. LOL Do you have any ideas?? Sounds like my computer does not like CCleaner for some reason..... Maybe I will wait for the next update and try again but I sure like having CCleaner on the computer.
  5. OK, here goes. Will let you know what happens.
  6. I also notice that something called Fixit wants desperately to be downloaded.and this seems to be on the same page as the download for CCleaner. A program to fix Windows 7? Mine is not broken, thank you.
  7. Tried on the Filehippo site and seem to be able to download 5.31.6105 but it will not install. Same abort, try again, cancel. What about simply deleting CCleaner from the computer and then re-installing it? Still makes me wonder why I cannot update. Not going to try anything fancy until I hear from you.
  8. Thanks, tried that link, downloaded but when I tried to install, still got Abort, Try Again, Ignore shortly after the installation started. I will just wait a while and see what shows up tomorrow or so. Thank you for your answer.
  9. Notified to update to this today (June 15, JST) and after update CCleaner site confirms that I have 5.31.6104 at the top of the site, but the bottom insists that I need to update. Try it but since it seems to be the same update I only get a "unable to complete" notice with the choice of ignore, try again, cancel. Also notice that since I tried again, Firefox is suddenly my homepage rather than Google News. What is going on here? Ran CCleaner to no effect. Malwarebytes shows nil. Windows Defender the same. Any thoughts? Thank you. I suppose I could just ignore the notice a
  10. Thanks for the information. I have uninstalled/installed the latest CCleaner.
  11. Thank you very much. I went ahead and uninstalled/installed. It was just a bother, not a worry. Thanks again
  12. Ever since I installed the Oct 24 (new) version of CCleaner, every two or three days a pop up appears when I open the computer telling me there is a new version of CCleaner and that I should install it. I fell for this a couple of time: clicking on it takes me to the Piriform website and asks if I want to up grade to the paid version. No. Then the site tells me that I do in fact have the latest version. How can I stop this "service" pop-up or is it something new from CCleaner?
  13. edallen

    SmartPC fix

    They nagged me by e-mail The billing company - Click Flex or something like that - finally sent me an e-mail to tell me my subscription was cancelled and I would not be billed any more. I have, of course, saved it. Still trying to correct a few things that seem to have occurred after the one run with that soft, but nothing serious so I am not getting too excited. Thanks for listening and advising me.
  14. edallen

    SmartPC fix

    After uninstalling SmartPC, running CCleaner, Malwarebytes, Windows Defender and cleaning up the Firefox site, things seem to be working a lot better. Malwarebytes found 8 dangerous things, BTW, and I quarantined them.
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