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  1. Nope. The new power supply didn't help. I then went and talked to a tech at the Tiger Direct outlet we have out here, and he said it's more than likely the hard drive. I bought a hard drive and guess what, it's still happening. I also did a memory test for over 24 hour and my RAM hasn't come up with any errors. I'm baffled as to what else it could be?!
  2. I tried everything in your post. Nothing. It only happens when it's under a lot of load. Like I'm trying to install Windows 7 and it randomly shuts off, but all the fans still spin?! Like the video cuts out, and the LED's on keyboard go off, the power light on the tower goes off, but all the fans still spin. WTF?
  3. Also, the PSU fan makes a whining noise at start-up. It has to be it.
  4. Will do! I also have another PSU at home, so I'll swap it out if anything, before I go and buy a nice one.
  5. I have been getting weird problems such as I reformatted my computer and the computer got right past the Windows boot screen and BAM!.. The computer shuts off. The next time it gets to the desktop and BAM.. It shuts off. I recently tried installing Windows 7 Ultimate, and it was loading system files and BAM, out of nowhere, it shuts off. I believe it is a bad power supply, because the power light on the computer turns off, the lights on the keyboard go off, and the monitor sits at a blank screen. I just don't know why it only shuts off randomly?.. And not under gaming?
  6. This is what I get when I try to install, or uninstall for that matter, certain programs.. "Error 1606.Could not access network location :." Solution?.. It's driving me nuts, because it doesn't say what it can't access. Usually it's some registry value, but I have no clue what to edit since it won't tell me!
  7. Yeah, I am planning on giving them a call today. I'm not sure if they will be of any help, but I might as well try.
  8. Alright, so I haven't posted here in a while, but recently I have had this extremely annoying problem with my router. I have SBC Yahoo DSL, which I believe is the same as AT&T. Anyway, my router model is a 2Wire 1500HG. Lately, my Broadband light will go out, then start up maybe a minute or so later. This just started happening, I've never had it happen before. The best i can do, is check the logs of my router and see what the deal is. This is what I came up with.. Type/Date and Time/Event Description INF-2009/01/20 19:24:01 CST-sys: dsl0: connection lost, reconnecting... INF-2009/01/20 19:24:11 CST-sys: ppp0: connection lost, reconnecting... INF-2009/01/20 19:24:11 CST-sys: dnstest0: connection lost, reconnecting... INF-2009/01/20 19:25:19 CST-sys: ppp0: Up with ipv4 service on pppoe0 INF-2009/01/20 19:25:20 CST-sys: ipnet0: Up on ppp0 with INF-2009/01/20 19:25:20 CST-sys: DNS up DNS1:, DNS2: I checked all of the filters for the phones, and they are all working. I have no clue what the deal is.
  9. Hey everyone. I was wondering how you get background sound, such as music, or sounds in a game to be separate from the people talking on Ventrilo. Basically I want the sound of the people talking to go to my headset, and the rest to go through my desktop speakers. I know it's possible but I totally forgot how. My headset is not usb by the way.
  10. When in Safe mode go to Device Manager and remove all video adapter definitions then reboot and Windows should re-install the video device driver. ------- This didn't work. ..But I should enable the VGA video adapter?
  11. Did you have two monitors attached previously? Nope, never. What video adapter is in the system? Nvidia nForce something, but it's onboard. When in Safe mode go to Device Manager and remove all video adapter definitions then reboot and Windows should re-install the video device driver. Alright, I'll try this.
  12. I just reformatted my computer and as soon as Windows loads, like after you put in your password and it goes to the desktop, the display will shut off. The computer stays on, but the little green power light goes off with the display as well. I thought it might be the power supply, but the computer stayed on the entire time during the format, and it has never happened before the format. What could be the problem? This doesn't happen in safe mode, only when I load windows normally.
  13. Sweet, thanks Andavari! I'll check that tool out. As for ISP software, that is a definite no.
  14. I know it's already set as the default brower, so I guess I'll try and reinstall it. Thanks for the help guys.
  15. Well, I have the latest version of Firefox. However, when someone sends me a link of any kind (like over AIM), when I click on it, Firefox refuses to open. Also, when I click the "Check for updates.." button on CCleaner Firefox won't open either. It seems if I'm not clicking a link on a site, that Firefox will not open. It used to work, but one day it just stopped. Any thoughts?
  16. HAHA! Nice one, I thought it was very funny.
  17. Isn't there a TCP/IP Optimizer tool that you can download somewhere? I haven't heard much about if they work or not, but I'd be willing to give it a shot if it would boost my speed closer to the advertised speed.
  18. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/222193 Google: Windows File Protection
  19. Hi everyone, I have SBC Internet Services and I am paying $30.00 for 3.0Mbps (3000Kbps) download, and 512Kbps upload speeds. However, when tested on speedtest.net, using the closest server, I am only achieving this.. Is this good or should I be getting more? Edit: I tested again today at 1:00PM and here are my results.
  20. I don't have a screen shot, but when idle.. 10 processes.
  21. Woohoo! It worked. Tony, thank you so much for the quick and helpful responses.
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