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  1. Lately I've been getting the BSOD every time I opened Chrome or Edge, not Firefox thank God. Turns out it's a driver problem with USB 3. Well I've done everything short of putting a bullet through my processor. Tried all the Windows ways with no luck, got Driver Easy, but alas. So I gave up. Uninstalled Chrome and Edge. This morning I was doing a little maintenance Spybot. Malwarebytes, CCleaner..........wait a minute CCleaner has a new Driver updater! And it's got my USB! The scan said I had 58 outdated drivers and it will only cost me $35 to solve my on-going problems. Here you go, here's $35 bucks, hour and a half's work, np. CCleaner's program said it would take a while, it didn't. It updated one driver and essentially erased the other problems, ignoring the problem drivers I spent the money to fix. Scammed again. I won't be renewing my subscription.
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