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  1. I've tried driver update trial and updated all old drivers but exact when the trial was ended my computer start lagging and in the next few minutes I've received message: "Critical Process Died" with blue screen. I've tried to reboot it's several time but the error doesn't disappeared - more my computer now I can't even log in. It's just crashed before it loaded with the same trouble. I didn't make any updates only driver update via Ccleaner (even windows 10 update). I've watch alot of videos, search alot of the same problem issues and it's resolving. I've tried to fix it via winodws tools /scannow chkdsk etc. but it didn't work, also I use restore point but it was when I've already updated my drivers - sure it didn't helped though. So what I have now: Computer literally blue screened right after trial ended with the error that mean that you have some trouble with the drivers. Coincidence? I don't think so. Thank you so much for making my PC just rubbish. Now only I have left is to reinstall windows. I can't even look what crashed my system via windows blue screen view because I can't load system properly it's crashed all the time. My PC characteristics is i7-3770K, MSI z77a-g45 gaming, 16 GB DDR-3, ssd 240 GB, gigabyte windforce 1080 8GB.
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