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  1. I still have over 200 days before another renewal is required. I joined this community solely for the purpose to see what alternatives were available to stop receiving unrequested solicitations. I receive the sales advertisement unannounced rhetorically-repetitively. So. I cancelled my permanent subscription and also refreshed my license information. My condolences to the piriform proprietary. I cannot accept a pop-up when I am working on extremely complex algorithms. Even though it only appears in the lower right hand corner of my Windows 10 it blocks what I am compiling and can cause a loss of many, many hours of non-stop manual computations. I work on many file formats, C+, C++, Ruby, Java, HTML, etc... and when I am brick-walled during a formulation it can not be avoided in terms of loss. I will allow three more pop-ups. Then uninstall and use my other methods. I an quite capable of quickly typing up . bat files with admin ownership for removal of: .reg files, temp files, .log files , *.younameit ... such a wonderful quick program to begin with many years ago. Goodbye, CCleaner
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