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  1. CCleaner support has ignored me now for 2 weeks. First they issue a bad product, then they refuse to help a customer fix the problem they created. Really really bad service
  2. yes i've learned never to use 3rd party updaters. The purpose of my post was to warn other people not to use CCleaner's driver updater.
  3. I am a big fan of CCleaner and have been using for years with no issues. They just introduced a new Driver Updater which I tried. It caused my touch screen to stop working. I immediately reversed everything but the touch screen still wont work. I wrote to them and they asked me to send them a bunch of reports which I immediately did. No response. I have written multiple times with no response. My expensive Dell XPS which i paid extra to have a touchscreen is now useless, all thanks to this terrible "Driver Updater" and poor customer service. Too bad that a good company can introduce a product that hurts customers and then won't fix it.
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