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  1. "OK, are you now saying that the UI won't open for you at all? (That's often an Antivirus stopping it, but you're using Defender which isn't known for doing it)." No, just the first time (the time I posted about). That time I could only interact with the main area - icons were giving the spinny cursor (hence I couldn't change the startup screen, couldn't set the erase security settings, etc). But after a reinstall, it does let me click around. I don't have controlled folder access enabled. J
  2. "As above open CCleaner (if from the bin then 'Open' and not 'Run') and change the Home Screen to be Custom Clean and not Health Check." Not a ton of help if the UI's gummed up when I open it, but might be a good plan going forwards - assuming that pre-downloading updates is what's doing it. If that is the case, and it is a blocking operation, then it could do with some sort of indication, or sticking that on another thread. Win 10 pro 64 bit 20H2 (19042.1110) Windows Defender CCleaner 5.83.9050 64bit (unknown previous version; grabbed a fresh setup) J
  3. Thanks for taking the time, but that doesn't really address the issues I was having: 'It's time for your PC's Health check..." I'm trying to access a specific tool. Not this. I've not really used the PC in about a month, so it's fine. It's not letting me cancel this, and showing the spinning cursor when mousing over the leftmost icons. "CCleaner's Custom Clean will empty your recycle bin according to the setting you have told it to use." As above, I didn't get a chance; couldn't leave the health check to check. "'Skip to start Health Check'" 1: No health check please 2: It looks like bad grammar. I couldn't actually tell at first if it was "Skip health check" or "Skip, and continue to health check" (Ideally the main button text would be "Skip" with "continue to health check" underneath in a smaller font) 3: Spinny busy cursor wouldn't let me leave, which made me think I'd skipped the health check (since I hadn't gone through all the shown steps) and that it was processing something else (freeing up mem, enumerating files, downloading something?)... If it's busy, it would be nice to know what it's up to and have a little progress bar, etc. "If you are running Health Check and you have a browser open then Health Check will tell you it needs to be cosed " Yep, at this poin't I'm stuck on the health check screen, frustrated, and clicked without meaning to. Sadface. Interestingly the left-most icons were not functional, but everything in the right hand side panel was. https://www.ccleaner.com/contact/other-enquiry -> https://www.formstack.com/forms/index.php "ERROR: This form has been deactivated and is closed to any further submissions. (Error ID: 42924933cc6721466891)" Thankfully, reinstalling to reply has (for now?) fixed the issue, and I'm free to use the rest of the program. Hopefully no repeats in a month's time, but in either case, I wanted to share my frustrations. Thanks again, J
  4. Feedback: Hey, just thought I'd provide some feedback as to why I can't use CCleaner. It has all the features I'm after... but when I go to do something simple like r.click from the recycle bin and run ccleaner.... - I'm interrupted with a "it's time for your PC health check" - Then it closes my browser - The dialogues are in broken English, so I'm not 100% what they mean. They are not clear. - And it's suggesting cleanin my recycle bin... which I'm trying to shred. So I don't know. Will it shred my recycle bin, or just delete the contents? This is an annoyance. I restart the program, and i get the "busy" spinning icon the whole time. The program is now unusable. Basically, you've -made it hard to access the tool I *want* to use -made it difficult to tell what the program is actually planning -got in the way multiple times with a laggy ui and unclear definitions. I would probably buy if it backed off a bit, and let me use the parts I wanted, but right now it's too bloated. I tried to submit this via the form but got some error about the form having been deactivated. Thanks, J.
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