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  1. Thanks tho what worries me is how Ccleaner needs to write to memory when it's not even running as a task or a process? I can't oddly see Ccleaner.exe in my task manager running? Maybe the defender message is from when Ccleaner was running and it's just shown repeatedly, also the reference to memory might I guess refer to the actual directory/file contents, but seems odd it refferes to 'memory'?
  2. Hi I may have expanded my 'protected folders' to include Mydocuments, Pictures etc. thinking I was improving security but I may have caused a problem for CCleaner, I now get a message repeated every few hours or so 'App or process blocked: CCleaner64.exe' in notifications from Windows security centre, at least I'm hoping this is the issue and I've not been hacked or Ccleaner has been compromised? The full text is: App or process blocked: CCleaner64.exe Protected folder: \Device\Harddisk0\DRO Blocked by: Controlled folder access Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this, & if it's safe to allow Cccleaner to access these protected folders, I also get the notification when I run Ccleaner's 'clean up' tool for old cache files etc. I do wonder if this started cos I added my profile/mydocuments etc. to the protected folder list in the Win security centre.. thanks for any advice
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