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  1. Hi johnccleaner, Sorry for my outburst, I was pretty annoyed last night when it happened. I have managed to system restore back to before the drivers were installed. I had a bad feeling about updating the drivers as my system is old (2013) and I am using Windows 7. The MB is MSI z87-GD65 I will forward the other information later.
  2. Pretty damn annoyed! Your Driver Updater caused my USB 3.0 Ports to stop working! I could not use my mouse or keyboard. I had to find another mouse that would work in another port. Ended up having to use an analog PS2 adapter for the mouse in safe mode! Countless hours wasted trying system restore, booting into Safe Mode, rolling back drivers with input devices that would not work half the time. Well done on the restore points that won't work with anti-virus as well! I thought Piriform made quality products?
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