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    Free Space

    As I said before, I went into Tools and chose the Drive Wiper. This utilty is currently wiping the free space on my C drives. Choosing Settings/Wipe Free Space Drives does not work. It cleans normally but fails to go on to wipe the free space. Instead, the program just closes. I learned to go to Tools instead from a post in the forum. So, this does not appear to be a new issue or just happening to me.
  2. Wilco

    Free Space

    There is nothing to show. The cleaner runs but instead of continuing on to wipe the free space, it closes the program.
  3. Wilco

    Free Space

    Hard drive
  4. Wilco

    Free Space

    5.82.8950 is the version. It is still disabled for me. I went to tools instead to wipe the free space. But, it doesn't give the same options.
  5. Wilco

    Free Space

    I have the newest version of CCleaner installed on 2 PCs running Windows 10. The Wipe Free Space feature no longer works for either PC. Is there a fix for this? Thank you.
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