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  1. Don't know. Gave up about a week ago, went back to Firefox, and uninstalled CCleaner Browser. There were other issues that annoyed me, not the least of which was CCB's apparent inability to remember download folders for specific sites (always wanting to use the Downloads folder on my desktop). I keep PDFs of my credit card statements, health insurance claims, etc. and Firefox always remembers where I last saved any of those from a specific site. Not so CCB.
  2. I have a new problem that is defying all troubleshooting. One of my daily pleasures is playing Hidato at their website (https://hidato.com). However, since Thursday I have been unable to access the current day's game and the site defaults to an "offline" version of the game. I have a good rapport with them and they tried to replicate the problem unsuccessfully. The one thing they suggested was that somehow my internet connection was running slow, but Speedtest shows it right around where it always is (4 to 5GB down, 1 to 1.5 GB up, on a wireless home internet connection using T-Mobile's 4G network). Accessing the site with (ugh) Firefox works fine. And I do not have any problems accessing any other sites. If anyone has any thoughts about what might need to be tweaked in CCleaner Browser (since that's obviously where the problem lies) to fix this, they would be greatly appreciated. I can also answer anything about the current settings, etc. Again, thank you in advance.
  3. Since I don't have Chrome on this machine, I couldn't follow those instructions to the letter, but the way you phrased it gave me good clues as to where to search and I did indeed find the files I needed to backup. Thank you!
  4. After trying a few browsers to replace the CPU and RAM hog Firefox, I have decided that CCleaner Browser is it. Well behaved, imported everything from Firefox without my even asking it to , and doesn't bring my system to a crawl while it runs. (Those people at Mozilla have missed the boat in making each new release consume more resources than the previous, IMHO.) However, I have a routine of running a batch file to copy the configuration files every evening to a USB drive for my own peace of mind. These are the files that Firefox keeps in the "profiles" folder in the Users area of Windows, including all the .sqlite files (cookies, favicons, places, permissions, etc.) and the bookmarks_backup subfolder. Could someone please tell me what the equivalent files are for CCleaner Browser and what folder it keeps them in, so I can modify my backup file accordingly? Many thanks in advance.
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