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  1. Well GRRR. . . I would also like to put in a request for Help, but I am brand new to this whole site/forum. What support page are you referring to? Thanks! TVB
  2. I have a fully purchased version of CCleaner Pro, the most recent version. When I run Driver Updater, it states that I have a System Driver > Intel Device and that the installed driver version ( is not the most recent and that a new version ( is available; however, no matter how many times I request to update this driver, it fails, and of course, there are no messages given as to why this driver update is failing. This Driver Updater is not doing what I need if I can't get my outdated drivers updated. Suggestions, thoughts? TIA, TVB
  3. I have purchased a license for CC Pro. I am a self-employed Technical Writer with 3 machines that I maintain. Am I required to buy separate licenses for each of these machines, or can I install CC Pro on each of these machines under the same license?I know that typically you are allowed only a single installation, but there is a caveat "with certain exceptions" stated on your website, but those exceptions are not explicitly stated or clarified. Thank you.
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