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  1. Sometimes Ccleaner acts up in the Windows 10 environment and can be hit-and-miss. I have my options set for 'Clean Browser on closing with notification' using Chrome. Everything is up to date but most of the time Ccleaner will clean the browser but no notification, and sometimes it doesn't clean the browser at all. I manually open the program and run it to be sure. There are other times after a fresh start in Windows that Ccleaner won't load at all, after three tries I load the Task Manager and see instances of Ccleaner listed as 'Suspended' so I cancel those instances and then it will load and run. I have been a big fan of Ccleaner for years and swear by it, but it seems like Windows is working hard to defeat it from performing properly. I hope that they can overcome the instability and make it persistent in Windows. Does anybody else notice this minor inconvenience?
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