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  1. @ Andavari I'm always ready to learn new tricks and try new techniques, but was a bit discombobulated to see that the parameters Cleanup-image and Restorehealth that you gave for dism.exe aren't shown in the /help for dism.exe. So I hesitantly tried the command: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth as suggested, confident that I'd shortly be writing in to say that your syntax was invalid. But it ran successfully, with a return message of: C:\>DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool Version: 10.0.19041.844 Image Version: 10.0.19043.1083 [==========================100.0%==========================] The restore operation completed successfully. The operation completed successfully. (../..) Later, I see that these options are in fact described in M$ documentation. So ... a) the dism.exe help is incomplete, because it's incomplete b) it's incomplete because your parameters Cleanup-image and Restorehealth are not for newbies c) or ... ? Thx MV
  2. @ Andavari Thanks for chipping in on this. After my problem 10 days ago, I was extremely reluctant to use CCleaner to do the housekeeping in my RPs. Today, I thought I'd try CCleaner again, so I deleted my RPs one by one, 6 - 5 - 4, and it worked fine. Prior to that, I ran another elevated sfc/scannow, and this time there were no errors. There may possibly be bugs elsewhere in the program, but on the basis of my incident and the conclusions drawn from it, I think the small FS errors I had at the time are likely to be the root cause. Thx MV
  3. @nukecad & @Augeas Thanks very much for your answers. Much appreciated. I've just done this search, and the main reasons put forward for this (insufficient disk space, System Restore Off) don't apply in my case. My Max Usage in System Protection is set to 35 GB, and as of today, with six RPs, Current Usage is 9 GB. I'm aware of this, and sometimes have to reset it to On after a Win Update. But it was set to On on the day I had my problem (and has been since), as witnessed by the fact that I was able to manually create two RPs immediately after my problem. I agree that, if this were a widespread problem, other would probably have chipped in by now. Following another lead from the above search, I ran a sfc /scannow, and this found and corrected some minor FS errors. Maybe this was behind my problem? I think I'll have to leave it there. Thanks again to those who helped me. MV
  4. So does this stop here? I was expecting someone else to chime in with their experience of this problem. Or am I the only person to have encountered this? In any case, what I have described is a serious bug in a very widely used program. Do some PiriForm folks hang out on this forum? I'd be interested to hear their feedback...
  5. Really? This is the first time I've heard this from any other source, and I've never encountered it myself. in hundreds of hours tinkering with PCs. Yes I did, via elevated cmd: vssadmin list shadows and this showed what I saw in CCleaner, i.e only the two RPs that I created after the error. So it's not a question of CCleaner not being able to see them. It's that CCleaner deleted all RPs, well beyond what I selected for removal, and including the most recent (greyed out) RP. ... sanity check ... Previously, when I went into Tools > System Restore, there was an info message along the lines of "the most recent Restore Point will be retained for security reasons". Now, I don't get that message. I just see the two recently created RPs, the older of the two greyed out, and nothing more. Conclusions: There is a change in what is displayed More importantly, there is a big problem with RP management in CCleaner
  6. CCleaner user for 15+ years, Had paid license for a while, but am now back on free version. Today, 1st problem & 1st post here. CCleaner v 5.82.8950. Win 10 Home v 21H1 19043.1081. Avast & MalWareBytes. Dell Dimension from 2015. I've long managed my Restore Points in CCleaner. Today I had ~7 of them, and as they were all relatively recent, I chose to delete just the two oldest ones. So I selected them and clicked on Remove. Two seconds later, instead of having 5 listed, I had ZERO. Closed CCleaner, restarted it and went back to the screen. Zero RPs. WTF!?!?!? (Sorry, no screenshots for the above, but I didn't know I'd need them until it was too late). So I created a RP manually, via Control Panel, and went back to CCleaner, and I could see it. I created another RP =10 minutes later, and I could also see this one. OK, but I'm no longer inclined to trust CCleaner to manage RPs Anyone had a similar experience? Anyone got an explanation? Thx, MV
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