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  1. Agreed, that would be ideal for me as well....and what led me to this thread!
  2. The past 2 versions have been causing me problems. "CC Cleaner has encountered a problem. Debug, etc" Windows XP Home SP 2 I installed 1.38.485 and I am working again... FYI.
  3. First and foremost, I love CCCleaner, and as I explore it more, I find new and interesting ways to use it. I clean up my PC with CC regularly, but have a few cookies that I do not like to clean/remove (fantasy football, Google, my local newspaper, and others). I, of course, add them to the Cookies to Keep section of Options>Cookies. But only relatively recently did I realize that some cookies have names that I missed in CC. For example, I chose to keep cookie of a sample retailer and found that even if I saved that cookie, and then used CC, that cookie did not provide their site with the info to keep me logged in or to recognize me. I found that by SEARCHING (I have a good process now of identifying which cookies I want to keep and how best to find them-- I usually go into Firefox, search for the cookie from the desired Website in Tools>Options>Privacy>Cookies>Show Cookies) for the name of the URL for the cookie I want to keep in Firefox. This has worked out well, if you limit your search properly, you can find all cookies related to the site you want to keep cookies for. There were often multiple instances of cookies from the same site; i.e., sampleretailer.com, www.sampleretailer and www3.sampleretailer.com. I often miss some of these cookies. I guess this is a long winded request to have a search feature added to the cookies section (as well as others perhaps) that allows you to search for url names, however small, in CC.
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