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  1. Hi nukecad, Thank you very much for checking Greenshot and the tips you gave. I just uninstalled Greenshot and ran the installer as an Administrator. It's working better now - I can capture a CCleaner screen if I ever have that need again (hopefully not). Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hi nukecad, my Smart Cleaning WAS turned on but still not working. So, I just tried what I guess I should have done from the start of this problem - I just uninstalled CCleaner and then reinstalled it. Now it's working as it's supposed to - I have CCleaner in the system tray after PC startup and the pop-up reminders are back.
  3. Hi Nukecad, Thanks for your reply! It has NOT always acted like this. It used to always be available in my System Tray (your "overflow box'). And, I would occasionally get a pop-up message telling me that I could save xxGB of space by running CCleaner. I have not seen one of those pop-ups in several months. And, if I run it manually and then close it, it stays resident and is available in my System Tray. See attached screen clips. CCleaner is there because I ran it manually about 3 hours ago and it will remain available there until I restart my PC. I am beginning to have doubts that it even runs at startup. Oh, one other thing that I JUST now noticed - when CCleaner comes to the front, it disables Greenshot (my screenshot utility)! In the 2nd attached screen clip, I had to use the Windows Winkey+Shift+S to get the screen clip. Thanks for your help!
  4. I have CCleaner Pro v5.82.8950 in Windows 10 Pro v2004 (build 10941.1052). CCleaner is set to run when the computer starts, but it DOES NOT. At least it never shows in the system tray. If I want to use one of CCleaner's tools or utilities, I have to manually run it. I've used CCleaner for several years and this behavior just started about 3 to 4 months ago. How do I fix this?
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