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  1. i think it is, the drives keep crashing when i open it up
  2. Back from a trip, the hard drive magicly came back
  3. Just want to say thanks, you've been very helpful. Ill probably go change the CMOS battery and ill update you later
  4. - i did not ran the Driver Update - the disck did not show up in Disc Management and i also scan for Hardware Changes and notthing showed up - I also did scan for Virus/Malware I think i gotta do some of the thing u recommended down there
  5. Dirve C D anmd E did not go missing, but all of my other drives did, there were 4 in total
  6. After the CCleaner Health Check, my hard drive were fine after i shutdown my computer and turning it on again. All of my hard-drives were gone except for drive C D and E, the only thing i do differnt this Health Che k is closing my browser for it to scan, normally i would left the browser open when im doing the scan.
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