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  1. @Dave CCleaner No I have uninstalled it same with ccleaner. I did make a memory dump of ccleaner with WinDbg and exported the assembly code and gonna check over the weekend if it sided loaded anything. Sorry but it's very strange to me how an application would be dormant for over a year and suddenly pops to live. I keep my pc very clean and only have a handful of stuff installed for work. Check my installed applications on a weekly basis to track what is installed and what can be removed. For example SDK's I no longer need. Besides that I only have Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code and Chrome installed on this machine. Literally only a development machine.
  2. Like I have said I installed it a little over a year ago and just now the browser showed up. Actually I noticed it as I wanted to debug a project in Visual Studio, was still a bit sleepy but thought to myself this browser is not the correct one. So definitely not just installed and there is no way I cannot have seen it during that year. So you are 100% sure there is no way it could have installed it by itself?
  3. So about two days ago suddenly I noticed CCleaner Browser appeared on my taskbar and has set itself as the default browser. CCleaner has been installed on my machine since 18/06/20 according to the install date and never ever have I accepted nor have I actively activated it to be installed. Why does this happen? I have been using CCleaner way back since 2004, but seeing it is now sneaking in Software without my approval or knowledge is a little bit alarming to say the least.
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